Are you a natural? - Part I

ahh…I see…
A couple of years before, I had a LD (without knowing anything of the matter), I could breath under the water, so I realised it must be a dream, but didn’t acted like if I knew, maybe I made some short term decisions, but didn’t really stuned knowing that or anything.

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I’ve had one natural LD as a child (which lasted ten/fifteen minutes). I also became lucid quite a lot from nightmares, but all I’d do was wake myself up.

Oh, in that case I’ve had about 2 or 3 before I found out you could actually practice it. So yeah, I’m still a natural :colgate:

This is different from your poll quesiton “do you remember having some kind of LD as a child?”

I would answer the first with yes, the second with no. Thus i answered no to your poll, but I still considder myself to be “natural” since I had several lucids before I ever knew or read about it, but I was over 18.

I had a natural one over the age of 28 … and none as a child. so i am definitely not a natural LDer

I see. Yeah, I have had a bunch of natural Lucid Dreams before I knew how to induce them, but I did know what lucid dreams were. I just was’t trying to induce them.

I’m not a natural. My first LD happened when I was about 18. Then I had 2 more when I was about 24. And I have to work a lot in order to have LD’s…

I dont quite understand, you are natural if you had a LD before?, at least one??

No, you are a natural if you have had plenty of LD’s before knowing any technique… :smile:

I’m not natural :smile: had one when I was 12 though. Not sure if I had any before that, but certainly not after.

Yes, but I didn’t know that they could be fully controlled. Low-lucidity-short-dreams only. I often used WILD after waking up from nightmares since I was afraid of falling back asleep. And now, I’ve forgotten how to do it. :sad: But I’ll keep tryin’.

I’m a natural.
I had my first LD at age 4 or 5 & have been doing it since.

Im pretty sure I didn’t have any when I was a child, but the LD’s come pretty easy now … so not sure if that makes me a natural … however I voted no anyways

Back when I was a child I would always dream and would know that I was dreaming because in waking life I would go swimming just about every day of summer, so in my dreams when i went swimming I was able to breathe under-water so yes, i had ld’s before I knew what they were also

ahhh, then I’m not a natural, had only one before

Edit: This poll is confusing, the subject says “Are you natural?”, and the poll ask if you had some kind of LD before using any method…I dont know, I voted yes.

This would be a ‘yes’ for me. Details of my childhood dreams are fuzzy. I did write down some at the time, though.
I can recall one where I was playing with my friends at school and I asked one of them to pinch me to see if I was dreaming. The pinch hurt, so I concluded that I was awake - my first failed reality check :eh: I can also remember being able to induce a falling/flying sensation more or less at will. These experiences came long before I came across the concept of, or realised the implications of lucid dreaming.

yeah i consider myself a natural, it took a little time to get it all started up, but i definatly rememeber being lucid when i was younger, and it being a common thing, so yeah i would say that i was just born this way :wink:

I have had lucid dreams as long as I can remember. :cool: When I was a child, a DC would sometimes place a certain “symbol” in nightmares to show me it was only a dream.

I used to have LD’s most nights when I was little. I’d basically decide what I was going to dream before I went to bed. I guess that means I’m a natural. :happy:

My first one was when I was about… 5 or 6 years old.’
I’m a natural, and always had full control since I had my first one. (Took me some time though to get my flying, but after 2 tries it worked).
But now I cant seem to get them anymore that often