Are you a natural? - Part II

I did accidentally lucid dream for the the first time while growing up as a kid. I’ve been the type of guy who kept things to himself, pondered about it himself and resolved it himself in his own way.

I dreamt that I was falling straight into the earth with no parachutes or any safety measures, just the clothes I had on. I was so scared that I just started wishing that I could fly and thats when it hit me; I started flying. I flew in multiple directions to confirm that I was really doing this. But that’s as far as I remember about my first and only lucid .

As for being able to go lucid naturally, I don’t think so. Though that happened a long time ago, for the past month I’ve been keeping a Journal and practicing methods to go lucid. It has not happened yet.

Same here.

I believe we should split the natural topic.

I am curious about how many people get LDs naturally without using any technique.

I thought I had shared some opinion on this topic, seems I was wrong.

Anyway, I’ve had almost lucid dreams my whole life, without any technique. But then, when I try to actually have them, I can’t. But still, my normal dreams are in the boundaries between most people’s regular dreams and the epic lucid dreams I read from you, so I guess I’m fine.

So, am I a natural? I’m not sure. I know I’m a natural dreamer, but I’ve never achieved the ammount of control over my dreams I wish I’d have (and I’ve been practicing it my whole 26 years of life).

For me, learning to LD is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever tried to do.

It took me four nights to have a successfull LD, i dont know if i used any technique all i did was say " i will wake up after a dream" i said this once and went to sleep.

Yes I remember a childhood LD, and seem to be a natural with WILD, but for some reason really lack the willpower to make it happen every night. Anyway, under the right circumstances (extended Alpha state without falling asleep OR very quick, short WBTBs) can trigger a spontaneous WILD, where all I have to do is focus on the sensations for a few seconds and blam, I’m in the LD.

It took me a year at first, but after that I’ve had loads, even when I haven’t been practising for them. So they were always pleasant.
Reason it took so long was because I didn’t believe in myself.

Yea. I have been having lucid dreams since I was very young. One of the first things that I did was walk on water.

I am, I didn’t know there was such thing as a natural actually, but I clearly can remember when I was a kid that I was able to control some parts of my dreams :happy:

Not that I know of…

I was actually better at lucid dreaming when I was a child. I first discovered it when one night, my brother told me that if I thought about something really nice before I went to bed, I would dream about it. I did and it happened. Then I realised I could control my dreams once I realised I was dreaming. I still have reasonable control over my dreams now, but I’ve noticed I have to “will” much harder to make things happen. I’m guessing this is because when you’re younger, your mind hasn’t become so “conditioned” as to what should and shouldn’t happen. As a child, flying in dreams was really easy, because I just thought, “Flying- hey, why not?”. As an adult, I know I’m not supposed to be able to fly and so I have to overcome that first in order to take control.

For me it’s not the easiest thing to achieve… I have many things that I have to work on to get better (writing detailed DJ entries, recognize Dream Signs more often - I miss them in most of my dreams… :neutral: )

I have very strange dreams at times and I accept all of their oddities… (…in most of my lucids I’m passive) :eek:

Congrats to naturals… I wish I was one of them (I’m a bit jealous sometimes when read stories about detailed LDs :tongue:) :clap:

I used to have nightmares as a kid, but once I stopped having nightmares at about age 7, I got LDs almost every night.
I still get LDs almost every night without an induction or technique. Sometimes when I get busy or stressed, though, I have normal dreams instead of LDs. :smile:

I’ve always been able to lucid dream. I think the reason I’m a natural is because every time I’m in a new setting or get frustrated I always ask myself if it’s logical. This habit continued into my dreams

I had some LD’s as a little child in which I could wake myself up from nightmares and also changing the dream at the beginning when I saw that it would turn out into one of these nightmares (I had 3 or 4 different nightmares which were always the same and always kept repeating themselves). When I went to primary school, most of the nightmares stopped somehow and I had a couple of LD’s where I learned to fly with wings. It seems like I lost my LD’s somewhere between primary and high school though…So I’m not really a natural and when I want a LD now, I also have to use techniques, but I’m very happy with what I get :happy:

Hello everyone,

I just stumbled across this website and found it interesting as I have had lucid dreams and din’t know what to make of them. Do you a define lucid dreams as knowing that you are dreaming while in the dream or do you hav ea broader definition?

also…i see a lot here about WILD…just to be cear…does that stand for willfully inducid lucid dreaming?

and is HI…Hypnogogic Images???

Well I remember the first time I had a lucid dream that I can remember. I was walking through the mosque with my dad, and suddenly, I realized I was dreaming. “HEY DAD! I’M DREAMING!:)”