Are you tired in your FAs?

I’m quoting my own post in the “big FA topic” as I didn’t get any answers there i two weeks:

"Just a question for you guys:

Are you tired in your FAs?

Until yesterday I had always been very fresh when I “woke up” in my FAs. But yesterday I was so insanely tired in at least on of them. I remember that I was struggling to open my eyes. I decided to do a RC. Usually I count my fingers, but since I was too tired to open my eyes, I did the bread-through-the-nose-while-holding-it RC. Even after I became lucid I still was very, very tired…"

I had a false awakening before my first lucid dream. When I awoke, falsly of course, I was very tired. I went back to sleep, false sleep, and afterwards had my first lucid dream… but being tired during a false awakening before caused me to be tired throughout my lucid dream. Then I had another false awakening and was even more tired.

…very odd

Nope, I don’t feel tired.
If you do feel tired during them, it’s just your sub-c making you feel tired. Just like you can feel pain in a dream - you’re not actually in ‘real’ pain, but it feels as though you are.

I agree with Sureal. I’ve had some FA’s in which I felt tired and just wanted to fall asleep again. But it was for sure a trick of my sub-c in order to make me loose the little bit of consciousness I could have had in these FA’s.

Ever heard of using vocal commands in your lucid dreams? Say, “Increase mental awareness NOW”.

I’ve tried that a couple of times… not sure if it helped though. I guess It was kinda half-hearted. Is it working well for you?