Aromas for relaxation

Been here for a while as a lurker, I finally decided to join the forum and start posting. So, hello :wink:

Anyways, in the Winter, I have a humidifier in my room that fills it up with light steam. In addition, there’s a place to put aromas, particularly liquid extracts, in a little holder so the fumes are propelled around the room.

I own one bottle of extract, lavender, and it’s undoubtedly a calming scent. If you go to any whole foods store, you’ll see many other well-known extracts in bottles.

So, as a relaxation mechanism, I highly recommend a humidifier in the room for the aroma. And also, in the North, the humidifier makes the air easier on the breathing.


Welcome to LD4all :cool: Since i have a big aquarium in my room, there is no need for an air humifier…i should rather get an air drier. :tongue: Lavender is well-known for its relaxing effect, and it would be interesting to try out if different aromas had different effects on dreams. I use mostly scented candles and incense, and my favourite aroma is pine needle!

I wish I could an aroma thing. I think Lavender works wonders. Anyways, some scents (or herbs) to carry relaxing and tranquilling traits are valerian, passion flower, and rosemary. Also, I have geranium in an oil form, it makes me feel hypnotic- I don’t know if this helps or not, but its worth a shot.

Welcome to ld4all.

Yeah, I had a bath with Lavender stuff in it yesterday, and it was so relaxing, I think it might help when WILDing or something :razz:

how about lighting an incense before you go to bed? that would be pretty sweet needs to go buy some equipment!

Yea, you can get them for like .60 to .89 cents at Walmart for a 25-Pack. I sometimes light incense before bed- I have Ocean Mist, Rainforest, Spirituality. I may get lavender soon. All make me fell relaxed for bed. Try some “relaxtion” or “spiritual” candles too.