Arzial's WILD

This is a post im starting because Remort thaught I should elaborate on what I have written in my other posts.

Much like Lucidity Master and Pedro I can LD at will. The whole thing started with me talking to some friends and one mentioned Lucid Dreaming which I found very interesting so I started going to websites and a bit ago I found this and I read some of the posts and I discovered WILD

( note that was on another account… I forgot the username, If any admin could resend me my username and password for it would be great. )

WILD was very interesting but I didn’t know how to do it but at the same time I did… kind of confusing but I shall explain:

Whenever I lay down in bed I automaticly got sleep paralyzation and I was shit scared of it cause I didn’t know what the hell it was so I used to just keep moving a finger or something to keep it away until I fell asleep but then I discovered WILD and it made perfect sense.

Then I just lay down and automaticly SP (sleep paralyzation) then almost instantly the Hypnogogic (no idea how to spell that) images came up with flashes and everything then they became a bit more clear and I started to change them at first and made a sphere and it was bouncing around then something wierd happend… I grabbed it and I was in the dream and ever since I would do that make a sphere ( or globe thing ) and just grab it and from there on in just spin around make a new scene and lets go.

for about 3-4 weeks It went away after listening to one of those crappy mp3 which I thaught would increase me to an even higher “level” but It just stuffed up… now im focusing every night to “training” myself back to be able to do it…

Now I will tell you how I do it so WILD will be alot easier.

  1. I never count or do any of that… it works for some but not me.

  2. Focus on just one part of your body, a finger even.

  3. Slightly lift it up so It isn’t touching anything and just keep it there after about a minute or so you will start to forget about it and you wont even realise its there and then SNAP you do and suddenly you also realise that you cant feel it and the feeling of paralyzation spreads over your whole body and you just lay still waiting for the rest.

there ya go hope it helps… dont forget… kill your DREAM CHARACTERS… they are useless.

Thats very cool how you can go to bed and then get SP like that, how natural and quick it was that you actually had to do something to hold it back…man oh man, i struggle nightly to keep myself ‘awake’ enough to enter SP.

Hmm, always when i do become aware of SP, its not from noticing a part of my body, its just that im sort of unaware and not thinking (on purpose), and then i get this feeling that spreads over my whole body that sort of snaps me out of ‘trance’. But that leads me to think, that if it is the advent of SP or just my becoming aware of it…

LOL, i couldnt help but laugh at what you said about lifting up a finger and then eventually forgetting about it, etc. Dont get me wrong, it was a laugh from exhilaration, me thinking “OMG THATS IT!!!” :cool_laugh: …to explain, ive always wanted to find a way to this certain state of mind that i know from awareness memory to be right before SP, but its very hard to consciously get there without falling asleep in the process, at least for me. Thank you so much for that insight :smile:

as long as it helps you and others to kill as many dream characters as possible… im glad to help.

btw if you want info or tips just add me on msn

hehehehe, well i dunno about the killing DC thing…Personally, id rather speak to them as possibly non-DC, or just speak to them, maybe learn about my subconscious, etc. (heck it could be shared dream for all i know). But yeah, last time i talked to DC’s while lucid, they were ‘okay’ in terms of intelligence, one suggested that by watching tv i would learn about my subconscious (though it caused me to wake up in the end…damn tv!), hehe, but yeah they can be kind of dumb, i just let them do their own thing, though i gave them their chance: “anyone wanna get out of here and go flying?” …(dc zombie no responses)…“okay…ooh lookie a tv” lol

um… dont take this the wrong way but DC are just people of your mind… they have the same intelect as you and would react the same way you want them to…

Well, personally i believe that DC’s represent my subconscious, and that it would be far better to learn about that than just wipe them out. As far as them reacting in same way i want them to, well i can point out how the DC’s in the dream i referred to (its in my DJ by the way) did not react as i would have liked (going w/ me to fly), in fact one of them seemed to possess consciousness wholly independent of my own, telling me that i can learn about my subconscious by watching a TV (supporting my DC = subconscious if not shared dream theory). Heck, his not doing what i wanted, even, could be seen as a subconscious message, which would still be far useful than just blowing them away and the end gain from the dream being 'they died, ‘nuff said’. (and i dont think my sub-c would like me blowing away its representatives).

But hey, to each his own. Different ways of having fun, even. Some have fun just pulling wanton destruction, others by doing DC’s, still others by exploring the inner reaches of their mind, others by doing simple things, like flying and the like – I guess it in the end depends on what you want to do in your LD’s, and why. (and maybe what mood ur in).

I once took a DC flying in a dream… I grabbed its hand and took it up above the clouds then just too see what would happen I let him go… it didn’t even scream it just fell waving its arms around.

hey Arzial i just wanted ta mo, if u have to be lyin on your back to do wild, cus i tried that thing last nite where u focus on 1 thing so i lifted up my little finger and tried to ignore it, and well i got really figity and cudnt sleep, how do you do it cus im not too sure


i just lay down which ever way is most relaxing to me… just dont obsess about it like every little bump.

I first heard of this in monroe’s first book. he simply said, learn to balace wake/sleep by doing that.

I’m gald it works for some. Might as well try this during random awakenings at night.