Astral Projection

I’ve had only 5 OBEs through sleep in mylife.

I have had a few APs however, the exeriences are very different for the OBEs you have through LDing. I also find I have more control over AP than OBE and for me OBE is either usually accidental, or completely dependant on being Lucid.

There’s certainly an advantage if you can do AP since you start in a conscious and awake state.

I personally have my hands very full learning lucid dreaming, and being that I’m about to go to college in less than a month i’ll probably have even less time to devote to learning new things (practical RL knowledge comes first I’m afraid, at least until I get my real job).

However I am curious about this topic as well. What in seven heavens is astral projection?? I keep hearing it over and over again, but all i know about it is that it has something to do with out of body experiences. Can it be done with LDing, or is those two things too seperate to be compatible? And I repeat the question, what precisely is it?

I would suggest you buy and read the book “The Art and Practice of Astral Projection” by Ophiel, it should be in your local occult or alternative bookstore and if not its easy to get on


just stumbled upon a very nice site, and a very interesting read aswell!


That was VERY helpful! thank you so much for this great site

no problem, ive read lots of things from robert bruce… he sure knows his stuff :slight_smile:

I’ve got one of his books but i havn’t actually had time to read it yet. And its like 600 pages…

personally i think any form of telekenisis, astral projection, spirit expulsion, or anything of that sort is bs

please tell me the science, im just OH SO FASCINATED in the ways of hypnagogic adventures of no reality

Now hang on a second, I’m very skeptical when it comes to this stuff too, but how do you think we are going to learn whether things like this are true or not? Which is going to produce results, ridiculing the things we don’t believe in or co-operating with others to learn about those things together?

hey, no ones forcing you to belive anything, if you dont want to you dont have to

Some of Bruce’s techniques are quite nice, even if you don’t agree with his theories (these ones in particular). You could just approach AP as a form of WILD, if that’s easier to swallow. And remember, some people still think lucid dreaming is BS…

I have a bunch of questions for whomever has had experience with astral projection: Do you have to accept a different religion to make use of your chakras? And, which religion is associated with the chakra system? Do you have to make use of chakras to astrally project? How reliable is the visual information you get when projecting (Can you use it in the physical plane)?

Anyway, thanks for the link. It’s an interesting read.

  1. No. Chakras have appeared in most modern religions at some point, the name changes but their position and use does not. All the big religions have Chakra like “things” and texts on how to use them within the context of that religion. You may have to do a bit of research to find them but its there.

  2. “Chakras” as the word is, is associated mostly with Hinduism, Buddism and to some extent Paganism (both Neo and Classical) though the system as I said before exists in most religions in some form.

  3. No sure, the trance state you enter is “all in your mind” and the visual information can be completely made up. However it could be true. Its as reliable as visuals in a dream.

No, you do not need to accept a different religion to make use of your chakras nor is any specific religion associated with chakras.

Personally, Chakra’s DO help when it comes to AP but you dont have to use them.Robert Bruce suggests that you should use them , but i project fine without the use of them. The visual info with projecting depends on your level of conciousness.If its low, you would see mostly blurry things but if it was high and you would see things VERY clearly

well hope that helped, g’luck!

That answered my questions very nicely, thanks!

ive also heard in the astral planes that you can meet your spirit guides , i really hope i can meet my guide.

You dont have to be any specific religion to access your chakras. If you close your eyes and do energy excercises you can feel them, usually like someone is pressing on the spot they are located or a throbbing.

Acually you can meet them in waking life. I have 7 of them and i can identify each one of them by getting to know them well enough. They can tell you anything u want to know…they’re facinating to talk to.

Do you actually have to believe this to be able to AP?
(from the linked site)

I mean… Come on…

When it comes to APing, you really don’t have to believe anything but that APing, its self, is possible.

If you don’t wish to believe in the Astral Planes that is your choice, but then if they don’t exist how can you project into the Astral? :eh:

Believe what you will, so long as you have faith that APing is possible, you should still be able to do it. Although to me it sounds more like he is talking about LDing and the ability to create your environment than to actually AP.

There’s so many different views on what Aping is that no one can truly say they know the truth. It’s all just opinion. Some people think APing is related to dreaming, some don’t.

/me points to the “meet your spirit guide while awake” link in his sig.