At last, my first LD

So last night I had some wild success! I woke up at 5:30 and read this site for about half an hour (WBTB) , then tried the WILD method. I never experienced SP , just the usual HI that I always see when going to sleep. Very clear but completey random disconnected images that just pop up.

I did loose conciousness at some point, but when I though I woke up, something was off, so I did a RC, and I had 6-7 fingers, so I got kinda excited. I felt dream begin to fade because I was excited, so I relaxed. It impoved and I got out of bed slowly. I started doing all RCs that I knew of. I tried reading something but the text was moving and changing into strage characters in front of my eyes.
I floated right out of my window and over my city.
Spinning on your axis definitely works, I just end up in a new place. At some point I was laying on the floor and I just sank right into it. I flew into a mirror - that was weird too.
One thing I noticed is that if I close my eyes in the LD, its very different from the real world, I feel like I fall asleep in the dream, or start spinning, kind of lose control. It seems to be a way to induce a FA.

As the dream progressed and I was experimenting, I think the lucidity wore off. I was still aware most of the time, but less and less of what happened was under my control. I don’t remember the whole dream perfectly, just parts of it, so I have no idea how complete my memory of it is. I woke up about 7:45, so the dream was probably just over an hour.

This was the first time I tried in about 4-5 months. Before that I didn’t really get anywhere. It was awesome that it finally worked out! As skills improve, can you get LDs without waking up early as hell? That would be a great improvement :smile:

I noticed this too. If you close your eyes, for instance when you spin, you have to do a RC just after.

First LD’s are often very short. But it seems that you managed to stay about 1 minute or more in your dream, didn’t you?

I know an easy way to have an LD, at least it works for me. This is a random experience, like it can happen at anytime anywhere. There’s a feeling, a feeling that i can’t explain, but when i feel it i automatically think of dreaming, as in I say to a friend: This feels like a dream. and usually they feel it too. If this happens, do an RC no matter who’s there or where you are. Every time i’ve done this i’ve had a lucid dream that night. I missed a few of these, but i won’t anymore :smile: GL with having more LD’s

advice: Even if it’s your first LD, focus on doing just one thing you’ve wanted to do, and if you get a chance, do another. I’ve lost many LD’s bc i wanted to do so many things, lol.