Auditive cues

Has anyone ever tried a recording as cue that said “You are dreaming” in REM sleep, quietly so as to not wake you up?

Actually did try this a few weeks ago, with a recording on my cellphone of “Am I Dreaming?” that will replay every 7 seconds or so for a minute, every 5 minutes for a half hour (assuming i dont shut it off)… but every time i set it up, I was either awake already, or couldn’t get to sleep so I havent really got to try it well. But…

Thanks for reminding me of it! I have it set for tonight at about 4.5 to 5.5 hours into my sleep cycle(which has been getting more regular again :smile: ) So hopefully it’ll help out, and i’ll post any :lucid: results :smile:

You might skip that first half hour, since you’ll be in NREM sleep then. 5.5 to 6.5 hours would be better, unless I’m mistaken.

My sleep cycle over the past few months has not been very consistent, but the past few weeks I’ve been getting it to be more regular again; Over the past few weeks, I’ve also tended to wake about 5 hours after going to bed, sometimes for just a few minutes, sometimes for hours. I have, however, noticed the approximation of the 90 minute cycles, in most cases.

With the 90 minutes in mind, I should be in rem sleep about 4.5 hours into the night, plus whatever time it took me to actually fall asleep. The next sleep cycle should put me in REM around 6 hours, so 5.5 to 6.5 would be a good spot as well, but I might be sleeping too lightly by then.

As it happens, I drank an energy drink (Java Monster) before going to bed… bad habit that could’ve kept me up, but sometimes they’re so tasty and I was very much in the mood for one. It didn’t keep me up, but may have influenced my dreams some.

Going to bed around 10, I don’t recall spending too much time tossing and turning, so I likely fell asleep within a half hour. I woke at a few minutes past midnight, with a feeling of having a vivid, detailed, and somewhat lengthy ND, but couldn’t pull up any details beyond those generals.

I reset the alarm to 1:30am, to catch my next cycle. Although I didn’t have a LD, I was able to recall some details of a very vivid dream, where I was practicing Telekinesis rather successfully. ‘Normally’ if able to use this dream power in a LD or ND, it most often doesn’t do much beyond a slight moving, and in the past has helped me attain Lucidity. No such luck this time, but it was great fun! Shortly after, as the dream progressed, I had a false awakening, writing Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis, and I think one other in the dream’s dream journal. Falling back asleep, and eventually dreaming again more normalized but still vivid dreams, I woke at 2:40am. So I think the dream cue may have influenced the dream powers in that first cycle.

I adjusted the 2nd ‘alarm’ to 4am. This time, I do recall the dream cue entering into the dream, but I felt very groggy still when I woke to the 2nd (5 min auto-snooze) round of it. I couldn’t stablize any dream details, other than recognizing that it had somehow infiltrated the dream. At this point, my fan was also off, making the alarm, though soft, still comparatively louder than in the first. I shut off the alarm at this point, and drifted immediately back to sleep to wake at 7am with a vague feeling of having more ND’s but unable to recall more than the most fleeting of sensations.

So, is that a partial success? Maybe something to try in the Lucid Lab?

Anyone else use a verbal cue like this to success? (As compared I guess to the beeps from one of those masks?)

If the alarm repeats after five minutes, it can’t be very useful to induce lucid dreams, since they’ll only last for five minutes.

Try Apimac Timer (Google it). It repeats automatically. I set it to repeat every 90 minutes at night.

My phone will actually repeat the alarm i can record for 60 seconds, rests for 4 minutes, and continue as such for 30 minutes. I’ve thought to re-record the message so I it will repeat a soft message 4 times in the minute, totalling 24 times over 30 minutes, and I can set 3 separate alarms.

I’ll look up that Apimac timer too though, Thank You :smile:

Edit: Unfortunately, I run winXP and Linux, and Apimac is Mac only :sad: