Autosuggestion in a LD

I was wondering if anyone does autosuggestion in a LD, and if so, have you had any results?

This morning in a LD I repeated out loud “My LD’s are vivid and stable”. Maybe even things like “I have LD’s every night” or whatever.

If you have done it, how do you do it, do you say it out loud in the LD, or only think it? Do you tell it to a DC or just up to the sky or to your SC?

Usually in dreams, you barely download/upload alpha waves. It’s more about Theta. And theta is more about emotional / movie like energy. Then just mechanical type of programming. That’s why it’s much more powerful to program yourself through dreams before you start dreaming ^^

If you do choose to program yourself while dreaming, it can be very powerful, here’s what I would suggest:

Before you go to sleep, think about the thing you want to problem, and figure out a very specific, concise, and simple way to ‘say it’ without literally saying it. You have to repeat it in your mind. Visualize it. Which does NOT have to be VISUAL. It’s a feeling of that reality, a feeling of a certain reality. When you’re in a dream, build a certain feel for a reality that you wish like that.

Dreams are great :smile:

Oh, yes! I got over my anxiety overnight by using autosuggestion during a lucid dream! :happy: I had struggled with both general anxiety and anxiety attacks for about a year before I did this.

According to plan, I first said out loud in a lucid dream: “I will be happy and anxiety free for a week.” It was amazing, I was anxiety free already in the morning! After a week of being anxiety free, I then said “I will be happy and anxiety free.” This was about a year ago, and I’ve been fine ever since. I am medicated, but my psychiatrist says that it’s actually the placebo effect, because I was on it for over six months without much effect at all.

Also, I master self hypnosis, and I’m probably very open to suggestions, which might be why this was so effective for me.

Please let us know how it works out for you! :smile:

relV, I actually thought about that yesterday, but forgot to do it in my LD’s this morning :tongue: I thought of trying to FEEL how I’d feel if I were in a very stable and vivid LD, or even remember how I felt in my longest LD. I mean, is that what you mean by “emotional energy” and “visualizing, but not necessarily visual”?

Luminous, that sounds so increadible! :eek: Congrats on that! I’ll try something like that, since I also have some things like anxiety I’d like to change :wink:

I actually have pretty good results with autosuggestion to induce a LD, so I’ll definetely experiment a lot with it, awake or dreaming! :smile: