Aware but detached

Sometimes I have these strange, disjointed dreams that don’t really involve the usual “walking-down-the-street-with-flying-bacon” fare. They’re just a blur of various images, they resemble bits from television shows, films, video games and the like. There’s something… feverish about them.

These dreams are frustrating to me, because I’m usually aware that I’m dreaming, and I feel like I’m stuck watching some completely nonsensical clip show that my subconsciousness put together from all the rubbish that sticks to it. The problem is, I feel detached from this dream, like I’m not even present there. I feel incorporeal and therefore unable to perform a reality check and become involved, even if I want to.

Sorry if the explanation was confusing, I hope somebody out there knows what I’m talking about. Have any of you had similar experiences? Are these sort of dreams commonplace? Is it possible to become lucid through them? I really find them kind of stressfull and haven’t been able to pinpoint what exactly causes them. Probably anxiety of some sort.

I have and I know what you are talking about.
It happens to me sometimes.

I sometimes feel distant, like I’m not a part of the dream.
That’s called DO and it’s completely OK to get that from time to time.

Those images are not rubbish at all, that’s how your mind processes what happens in your real life.
It can also happen when you are in a confused or a ‘‘different’’ period in any way.
No need to worry, really :smile:

The only feelings I remember having when having a “dream” like this is boredom lol.
It’s like your sub-conscious showing you a boring clip show of what they did on holiday xD
But you gotta be polite and watch it, don’t wanna hurt its feelings :wink:

I know they are probably nothing to worry about but they bother me.

I’ve had plenty of these other type of DO dreams where I am observing the events, but the ‘plot’, so to speak, makes a little more sense (as much as dreams can, anyway). I don’t mind them, they can be very interesting, and aren’t taxing to watch even if they are boring.

These dreams I’m talking about are more hectic and unorganized, a series of disconnected clips, and often coupled with me constantly waking up throughout the night and tossing around and being generally very restless.

Any proof of that? :eh:

That its your mind processing what happens in real life?
I watched something about it on YouTube, it was obviously taken from the discovery channel. But they’ve done brain scans when people are sleeping and it shows that the area of the brain that deals with memories goes into overdrive.

I have had that happen. When I went lucid, I looked around, said, this is boring, so I reached into my pocket and pulled out a remote control, and starting flipping channels. It became a regular dream, though it began to look like a scene out of the last matrix movie where there were lots of tv screens. I found I could into any of the stories on the screens, without even the remote, just by willing it. It is the awareness that is important, any time we become aware we are dreaming, there exists such possibility!