Back/Halloween Event?

So i am finally back after a lot of school work.

And i mean a lottttt.I get bored a lot and sometimes drift off.Luckily I wake up.

So I realised that halloween is so close and maybe we could do a halloween event on ld4all?Just for fun.

What we do is do something halloween-related?

For me,i am going to collect candies and defeat monsters and everything i find.I will help monsters as well,seens weird,but its part of my halloween event in my lucid dreams.

It could be fun to do,and this is just for fun


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Fun idea! But it’s so close to Halloween we don’t have much time to accomplish many goals in dreams ahah. I would love to participate in something though, what if we all shared a spooky or Halloween-esk dream from our journals or memories? Nightmare story time? Or write a spooky halloween story or poem based off a dream?

Just some ideas :relaxed:

Oh oH! I drew my DCs dressed up for halloween last year:

Carol like the magician she is, Recovery as a mummy, and STEVE (Trauma) as a nurse.


Those are cool!We should do stories,i agree.

How fo you make them so good?Those pictures?I ca only draw anime,that seems to have tooken long to make


I’ve been skimming the database of my journal for a relevant dream to share but I can’t decide what would be the best to share. I’ve got a ton of spooky surreal stress dreams to choose from, but something tells me a more lighthearted dream would probably be a little more fun to read :lol:

As for the art @TheAstralDreamer, it just takes time and practice like anything else!

If you like drawing, just keep at it. I started by copying art from video games and TV shows (and also my older sister’s art). For your enjoyment and to my detriment, here’s some very old art beside newer art. I think that one on the left is the first digital picture I drew of Carol.

Wow,that all seems so real!The way you draw is fantastic!I would like to draw like you one day!

I’m skimming through my diary as well(my paper diary) for spooky story to say