Back On Track

Alright, so I am officially back. After 2 weeks of school, and nonstop talking from My teachers about how great lucid dreaming is, I have decided to start again.

Now I want to ask something an answer it.

Why is it that I have lucid dreams but yet, I Can’t control it?
[color=green] A=Identify Analyse Correct[/color}

I have a 3 step method for those who cannot control lucid dreams.

First step=Identify

So, you woke up from a lucid dream. But gaah! You cannot do a certain type of thing/things? And why is that?
Run over your lucid dream right now.

2nd step= Analyse
Think it through your head? Why was that spesicif thing not working? Perhaps you couldn’t see because something was blocking your eyes in your dreams?
No, because there are no such things as ‘eyes’ in our dreams. We use our minds projection as a VR,but in a dream. Stabilisers? Such thing?
If you believe in them, then carry on…It is a trick, but sometimes try to find out the problem. Say to yourself

“Why did my dream not work as I planned?”
You are the creator of your dream. Noone else. Without you, the dream would not work.

You can last a dream longer. Next time be positive and correct your mistake when you wake up from a lucid dream.

Last step= Correct
Alright. Now you have corrected your dream. Implement it into your next LD. Find out what is wrong and correct

And that my friends, is the secret

For the most part I haven’t felt like LD’ing much.

I was seriously having the most insane time with my dream world some years ago that I sort of blew the lid off, I don’t see anything in them right now. I’ve had spontaneous LD’s somehow, but when it comes to having the will power to LD myself: I merely feel exhausted.

I dunno, but I agree with you. Dreams are so completely malleable that you only need to ask yourself what to do. They make the physical plane what it is but do not include it in how they work. Simply put, you can do anything you want in the dream world, you only have to try.

I basically proved this fact so much that I don’t want to do it again till I can get as much control physically. Until I can do something proper with the dream world awake, I don’t care to control it anymore. I can’t say it absolutely won’t happen but I can say that I don’t feel like it.

I’ve done so much in a sense of living my dreams since I started feeling this way that I can say: the dream world is required before you care to do anything for yourself about the world around us. The 3 hour bonus to consciousness is linked to complete control.

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