Being tired and the WILD method.


I have heard, and know from experience, that trying to WILD at the beginning of the night is very difficult, and that it is easier after five or six hours of sleep. This makes me wonder, what if you are really tired? Would a WILD at the start of the night work if you were very tired (assuming you can stay consciously awake)? I was thinking that if you were more tired you would fall asleep and into your dreams faster … Or would it be way worse? Would it be better after some sleep?

I would just try it and find out, but I am very tired right now so tonight’s rest will come easy. I do not want to ruin a chance of good sleep trying to WILD because whenever I try to WILD, I lose a lot of sleep. I have a celebration to attend (party with people I don’t like too much) and must be well rested.

I searched around for something like this and did not find much, but that is probably just due to my lack of searching abilities. My apologies for being dim if this can be answered in another topic.


If you are physically tired, you need more deep sleep, and that comes at the beginning of the night, so it’s generally not the best idea, but since you fall asleep faster than normal, it would be sure worth the try to just keep alert and aware, the strict necessary to carry your consciousness over in a dream.
So summing up, you could try, but don’t fight against slumber, just let yourself slip into sleep while you try keeping yourself slightly conscious.

Thank you very much for the advice, maybe I’ll have a lucid dream … :happy:

If you are then you need to cut out that “maybe” word :content:. To add on to what tosxy has said, I can say from personal experience that a lot of early night dreams tend to be pretty hazy for me, and it gets worse the more tired I am. Having them later on after some rest actually seems to help increase the vividness quite a bit.

Another thing I would like to add is that you should never take LD’ing to the point where you are depriving yourself of sleep for an LD. I know you’re not doing this now, but if you do have success tonight try not to do it too regularly.

There is to clarify, though, those you are talking about are the dreams that come shortly after the deeper sleep phases. If he’s trying to WILD straight at the beginning of the night, he would jump directly into REM, and thus the dream would be pretty vivid, like the last stages of sleep. Of course, doing a WILD at the beginning of the night is still quite difficult for most :tongue: and it’s recommended to do in a WBTB instead.

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