Hello I was wondering if absolutly everyone here believes in the supernatural. I myself don’t believe in the psi, levitation, OOBE, or reincarnation. I am a catholic and believe in ghosts, yet I will need convincing to believe in those other things. I do however think it is strange many of you seem to be able to actually perform these things and yet society (at least in my country) does not give a serious look at these things. So right now i am in the middle between if it is all real or not. Oh and I have never experience a LD yet, so maybe having a LD changes your mind?

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Having an LD will not change your mind. If you don’t believe in these things, then I guess you would need to experiance them to change your mind, otherwise, fat chance.

I lead a group called the Chroniclers here, and our goal is to have a shared dream, unfortunately, this has not been succesful. However, members are now joining.

If you believe in ghosts, but not any of the above, why?

Not everyone believes in the “supernatural” here. And not everyone who believes in psi also believes in ghosts, people believe different things, its not necessarily a package deal. And what makes levitation and psi any more supernatural than a deity creating a garden of paradise and a man with a funny hat whom god speaks through?
Why contemplate whether or not things like this are real? What you have experienced is real.

You can’t just say “I believe that!” without experiencing whatever that might be. To be able to believe in ghosts you would have to have experience an encounter with one to be a positive believer with having no doubt. Don’t believe in everything that you hear or see on TV or anywhere else.

like i said this topic is off limits and I am sorry i posted it,

but I think there is just more evidence of ghosts than of psi, or those other things. Some people go through life without even hearing of psi, yet everybody has heard of UFO’s and ghost stories from arround the world

I have never heard of PSI before, I’m one of 'em! :happy:

What is PSI?

PSI, as in psyonics, or psychic energy. To chuckiferd, there is no more evidence of ghosts then of PSI. There are plenty of fake psychics, as there are fake ghost stories and TV shows.

You have to make a leap of faith to really believe in them. Otherwise, you are just undecided, and want to see soild evidence against them or for them.

That is getting out of the realm of believing and getting into trusting facts.
You can believe without having proof. In fact, that is a big part of the pie. The others being believe and questioning facts.

As nobody can explain if God exist’s there are other stuff that can’t be explained, but tried out, so take a shot and try to OOBE or whatever. :happy:

I dont really believe in things i cant see or explain. To believe something, i first need to see it. For example, i believe in OBEs because ive had one, discussed it with other people which have had that experience and found out that it was pretty much the same as mine, and all very real. Not everyone here believes in the supernatural, after all LDs are a proven fact, not something unexplained and unknown. :content:

I can’t say anything about OOBE because ive never had one but it sounds to me when you wake up suddenly and your body jerks in one direction. I have experienced this in normal dreams and ill be falling off of a motercycle in an accident or something then will wake up and I will feel like I just flew off a cycle, sideways.

After I have a LD, then I will go for the OOBE and other stuff. I won’t try the psi or chakra thoug, because I think that would be considered like an occult or something like that, and I don’t want to do that. And I have a question for to SD(still_dreaming). Did you believe in LD’s before your first one?

Time for a Buddha quote!! =D


This is a hypnic jerk, and I’m afraid that there is nothing supernatural or spiritual about this experience at all. It’s not an OOBE.

Also, I’m interested as to why you would place chakra in with psi? What exactly is it that you mean by chakra?


I don’t know others said they moved things with their mind using chakra

Oh, OK, my understanding of the principles of Chakra is limited, but I’d never heard of that, didn’t realise it was something so tangible like that. I know that the third eye (the chakra point between the eyebrows) is linked to esp, so I guess it’s not that much of leap.