best lucid times..!

hello my dreaming homies,
just wanted to know when your best time is to lucid dream.

My best time is probably around 9:00 am after going to bed at 12:00. I usually use MILD method from their… when is your best time and method for it?

Well, for me the majority of my LD’s has occured between 5:30 and 6:30am using WBTB. There is no telling when I go to sleep. Anywhere form 9:30pm if i’m tired to 2:00am. :content:

In my own case, it’s like you tris69. About 9 hours after I go to bed. I’m using MILD/autosuggestion too.

I usually go to bed with MILD, but not to get into an LD, but just to remember my first dream of the night and wake up from it. I then use MILD to have a first LD and if I feel like having more I typically use WILD for the rest of the night.