Best Method For Lucid Dreaming?

I’ve been researching alot about lucid dreaming lately and this website has been very helpful to me, I was wondering whats the best method that I should start with, I want to avoid experiencing sleep paralysis, the current ones I have been interested in trying is WBTB and the MILD technique, and I saw the FILD technique on here but I was wondering if there is a risk of sleep paralysis from these methods? Any help would be great! Thanks

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So your scared of SP that’s ok so am I :wink:
What I use is subliminal induced lucid dream technique. It is defently the most effective method for a vast number of people. Ok so in case you do not know what subliminal means it basically on a frequency that your conscious can’t hear but your subconscious can. It can be used to do anything. Anyway I would recommend a site called subliminalmp3’s trust me this stuff works it gets me around 3 lucid dreams a week and I know if I keep listening to it I will get more. And the best part is it just follows that you know your dreaming almost all the time no SP :cool:

I’ll take a look into that, but do the lucid dreaming methods I mention on the thread have a risk of sleep paralysis?


Best Method For Lucid Dreaming? - that’s on you to figure out.

All post’s and guides are based on someones experience, which is not your. So everything that’s said may be or not be true for you. So you still need to experiment with techniques.

Some say MILD, other say MILD and WBTB, then comes another dreamer and says something third.

There’s actually no right technique. They can all work if you put enough time in them. So you need to study all techs and then decide which suits you the most and still doesn’t have to mean that’s going to work in few nights just because you feel that could work… So again, experimentation is the key.

Also I would advice not to follow guides by the letter. Because they are written by someone else. And dreams and control of dreams is maybe the most subjective thing on this planet. So one thing may or may not apply on 2 dreamers… So if WILD guide says that you need to WILD on your back but if you know that you can’t fall asleep on your back feel free to try it in other sleeping position. If it says not to swallow but if you need to, then do it. Adjust guides to yourself and experiment!

When I started with lucid dreaming I was doing as guides were saying as other dreamers: do MILD with WBTB because WILD is just too hard for beginners. And I did but I didn’t listen them completely and I was experimenting with WILD in the process and it was great. Now, 2/3 of my dreams are WILD and I was given the advice not to try it.

You have choice and it’s yours to make it work for you. But like I said, there is no right or wrong tech, it’s only the matter of time when some tech will start work for you!

Cheers and good luck! :content:

Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. But I only really want to try MILD and WBTB technique at the moment, but I was wondering if I will get into sleep paralysis, because alot of tutorials i’ve read don’t mention anything about it. I just want to be prepared :meh:

Sleep paralysis occurs when your body thinks that your mind is asleep so basically whenever your in bed and havn’t moved for a long time ( or short time if ur really tired). Although it can occur in both wbtb and mild it isnt hard to avoid it by simply rolling over every few minutes or just wenever you feel it coming.

Just thought i should say whatever you experience in sleep paralysis is completely in the mind. If you expect something bad to happen then it’s gonna happen and similarly nothing can actually hurt you (unless you fall of the bed in a frieght lol).

I never had a SP, except when I was little. If I would had SP now I know for sure that it would scare me, but dude, you can’t run from your fears. Face them, fight with them! SP can’t do any harm for you! So why it has to change your methods of LD? If you want to have a LD, but you are afraid of SP’s you shouldn’t be trying to LD then. Just face your fears. I believe that you can do it because I know everybody could do it!

Different techniques will be more or less successful from person to person. For example, I’m no good at WILD, because I’m easily distracted and I’d rather sleep than wake up and remain conscious. Autosuggestion/LL works the best for me. Awareness will help you become lucid, no matter what technique you use.

Look, the thing with WBTB is to wake up, raise your mental awareness and get back to bed, then you do MILD. And if you do MILD how guide says then there is a very small chance to reach SP because you don’t have to repeat mantra until you fall asleep. Few times is enough, or when you feel that you made impression on what you want to achieve and then you’re going to sleep and you will lose consciousness long before reaching SP…

I haven’t found out the technique which works best for me yet. I’ve had one LD. I suddenly asked myself: ‘am I dreaming?’ and I did some RC’s.