Best Video Games Of All Time

I smell flamewar. There is no best system, it all depends on what you want. XBOX360 is really lucky in terms of game line-up, PS3 has quite a few games with a unique experience only for the system, and Wii is innovative, and has demostrated the capacity to make money from non-gamers as well. Graphics don’t come into it that much.

No, not really. Sure it was fun to play but while surpassing Morrowind in graphics and controls it just lacked all the depth that you got in Morrowind.

Get it for the computer. Why? Mods, you can’t beat them. The graphics in Morrowind are pretty old but with the right mods they can almost be as good as Oblivion’s. As for Oblivion, well, you don’t actually need any mods but it can be so much more enjoyable with a few modifications. :wink: Not to mention the fact that they can fix bugs, though on the computer you have access to the console which means it’s possible to fix pretty much any bug with the right command.

And a few more games that should be on my list, in no particular order:
Kotor 1
Sonic Adventures
Gauntlet Legends
Dark Messiah


/me is also waiting for October 21, when Fable 2 comes out here

and as obvious by my username/avy/, FFVII is win

I don’t get all the hype about OoT. It’s definitely great, but best ever? After the second time through, it gets kind of boring.

My favorites are Super Mario Brothers, Star Wars: Rogue Leader II: Rogue Squadron (I think I got that right), MM, and OoT.

I know!!! I cannot wait!!! A bloody month left!!! I have pub games…(which I got free since I pre-ordered Fable 2) BUT I WANT FABLE 2 NOW!!!

I liked Mass Effect too, and the silent hill series were good. Haven’t played all of them though.

I preordered Fable 2 too :tongue: I got the limited collector’s edition… yes, you may call me a fanboy. I didnt get the pub games though, I dont wanna give me an advantage at the start. Yes, i’m weird like that.

Ah yes, Mass Effect was great. I lol’d at how the media waaaay overhyped it’s sexual themes, and even claiming it was a sex sim. Wow. Great to see the intelligence of this country is so high now.

Mass Effect was awesome. I too found it rather amusing how much hype there was about the “sex scene” puh-lease. They should play Fahrenheit. That was aslo a great awesome game. But it got a little weird after a while. :neutral:

I wouldn’t be too quick to agree. The Wii has been doing okay in the gameplay department, but a lot of the titles are crappy shovelware games added to make money. While games like SMG and MP3 are astounding in terms of gameplay, Zelda TP and mario party 8 are poorly done and lack the “innovation” you praise nintendo for.

And PS3 and 360 do great jobs in gameplay innovation as well. Geometry wars? Mirrors edge? Braid? All excellent games with great gameplay ideas.

I also liked Banjo Kazooie, and Banjo Tooie. Those were some great platforming games. Very fun, wasn’t too short, and had great humor. I can’t wait for Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts to come out… although i don’t know if I’ll have time to actually play it, cause i’ll probably still be playing Fable 2…

Oh and Warcraft III. That was a good game.

I never said I liked the Wii. :tongue:

I’m still pissed that I bought one in the first place. It has no games that appeal to me. Brawl was an immense letdown that lacked any major improvement over SSBM, Twilight Princess was just Ocarina of Time after going emo, and Mario Galaxy, though a good platformer, failed to entertain me for long.

My favorite console is still the 360.

I personally have no faviorite. I own and love all three. They all have different qualities about them that appeal to me. I was just saying that the Wii is not “the holy grail of innovation and inventive gameplay” and that the PS3/360 isn’t just “all graphics and no innovation”.

I will however, definently agree with you on the account that Brawl and TP were extremely dissapointing. Mario Galaxy I wont agree with you on, I loved it and still play it. Best 3D mario IMO.

Yes, games are just for fun and a nice way to pass an hour or two (Some are like interactive storybooks), I just don’t find it fun if things look like they are made of legos or play dough :content: .

I would definitely have to mention two:

Final Fantasy 7
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

both games were new and inventive with excellent plotlines and both took their series into new realms.

Alright… you’ve got another Zelda fanboy. I freaking loved OoT, and it totally hits the top of my list. Some of my other favorites (aside from Halo)…

  1. Contra (NES)
  2. Super Smash Bros (N64, though I liked Melee and Brawl too)
  3. Goldeneye (N64)
  4. Super Metroid (SNES)
  5. Armed and Dangerous (PC)
  6. MegaMan X (SNES)
  7. Red Alert 2 (PC)
  8. Silent Scope (arcade)
  9. Time Crisis 2 (arcade)
  10. Dynamite Cop (arcade; one of the first “pick up ANYTHING and beat the crap out of people with it” games I’ve ever played)

The Sonic series, Battletoads, Dragon Warrior, and Super Mario Bros (anybody ever get the 3-in-one cartridge with Duck Hunt and the powerpad track game?) all have to be mentioned as well, since they really started it all for me. Oooh, and I can’t forget Pokemon Red/Blue. :content:

Red Faction deserves a very honourable mention here. It revolutionised gameplay with the Geo-Mod engine, which allowed you to blow up anything. No key card? No problem. Blast your way through the wall.

That is why Red Faction deserves to be hailed as one of the best games. It is, quite simply, a revolutionary game. Red faction 2 also used the geo-mod engine, but not to the same extent as the original. In RF1 you could take down a bridge with a grenade or rocket laucher, and that is a beautiful thing to see. All those games claiming to have fully destrictible environments owe their thanks to Red Faction, the true innovator of destructive gameplay.

And the story is good too, as well as the gunplay. One of the best things though, would be how realistically characters react. If you attach a remote charge to someone (especially a civilian :ebil:) then they won’t just stand there. They would run around screaming and flailing their arms until you press the detonator. It’s little extra touches like this that make Red Faction such a joy to play.

EDIT: Underscore, I have the 2 in one cartridge for the NES with Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt in… Don’t know anything about that Powerpad Track game.

Ah so much nostalgia… But I feel that there are a few more games that deserve a worthy mention;

Baldurs Gate II ( Truely one of the greatest Rpgs!)
Okami (Just the beautiful style alone gets my vote)
Ico/Shadow of the Colossus (Just great games ah…)

I could list so many though :content:

I have that

Agreed, HebrewB; destructible environments, FTW! :grin:

I know a lot of people have the two-in-one cartridge with Mario/Duck Hunt, but the cartridge with Track/Field seems to be a bit of a rarity. I still bust the Powerpad out every now and then, when we’re chilling out at my relatives’ house; it’s about the only situation where I can run a 6.6 second 100m dash :tongue: .


Rock on, man!

o yeh and id put Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2 on the snes right up there, 3 not so much partly because the music wasn’t nearly as good.

I know I used to have it. Bought it at a garage sale. Might have sold it though. I could never get the powerpad to work.