Best way to WILD?

Hey guys,
I would like to know what WILD technique usually has the highest success rate. I am deciding to take WILD as my main technique now, as it will be a lot more useful if I can master it then, let’s say, MILD for example. I would like to know what WILD technique usually works best when you are just going to sleep, and that works after you wake up, or if they’re the same etc… Also, this is out of curiosity, but I keep wondering if dreams occur during REM sleep, and it takes around 90 minutes to reach REM sleep when you are going to sleep for your first time, how is it possible to WILD before sleeping? Thx :happy:

Also, I would appreciate it if a WILD pro could tell me what they did to become successful when they were just starting, example:
While going to bed, do this blank Wake up 4 hours after, do this blank etc…

Hey there !

First of all, let me tell you that hte WILD technique is a big step. It is and will be hard, but you can do it with alot ot motivation. I had 6 months before i could succed, because like you i started with it and had my very First LD with it. I’d like just to say that your first LD with WILD will not be the same as any other techniques. It will be incredible ! WILD hasn’t the highest succes rate, but LDs here are the most vivid and realistic you’ll ever get !
So, sorry but you can’t WILD before sleep. You must do wake up 4-6 hours after your sleep :wink:
Secondly, you will go through SP with WILD, wich might be a very interesting experience, but do not worry, i was affraid of it at first, but it is really cool.

I suggest you search good WILD tutorials, i have one here :

Good luck, and please, ask me questions, for WILD is complicated, i will help you :wink:

Thank you! I think I will do MILD when I am going to bed :tongue:

Haha !
If i were you, i’d really give WILD a shot, it really is great !
Well you decide :wink:


yeah i mean MILD until I wake up during the night, then WILD

Well I don’t consider myself a pro in WILD or lucid dreaming but I do have a lot of success with WILD.

When I was starting with WILD I didn’t use it as only technique but as technique that was performed when I felt like doing WILD. So I was going easy with it and I was learning each step on the way…

I was using various WILD tutorials and I would always find something that is missing in the tutorial to make myself successful. Here experimentation and dedication came in handy. Usually when you follow guides step by step you will probably hit the road block over and over again. Then you have to take things into your hands and start doing things differently, doing them as they feel right to you.

If I start to explain how I’m doing WILD then again it’s going to be like and other guide and it will not help you a lot. Guides are true to some point but when it comes to personal and individual situation then guide can’t help you.

Well it is proved that we do dream outside REM cycle too so I guess it’s possible. But those “dreams” could also be very vivid and life like HH. I wouldn’t bother with those. Go to sleep and wake up after few hours, then the fun starts!

Good luck! :content:

Simple: you endure the 90 minutes :grin:
It’s not impossible to do WILD when going to sleep, it’s just very hard.
And WILD does actually have a rather high success rate once you get the hang of it.

Usually I count backwards when trying it, like 100… 99… etc.
When i reach zero I’m either in a dream or I start over again, without moving.
Only thing that ever worked for me (I had like 2-3 WILDs, so this doesn’t mean anything)

Using WILD in combination with WBTB yields the best results for me. In fact I had success with it last night.

Basically it involves waking up and occupying your mind with something - browsing the lucidity forums is always a good choice.

Set an intention - and think about what type of dream you want to have.

Go back to bed and use the WILD technique to fall asleep with the mind awake.

Hopefully this will be successful for you.