binaural beats = no effect?

well , since jan 5 , 2012, I have been keeping a dream journal and i have had many dreams, I was even able to remember 3 dreams on jan 11,2011. but last night , I tried going to sleep [regularly] while listening to binaural beats, but I wasn’t able to remember any dreams, I woke up periodically, [about 2 times] . but I was not able to recall any dreams.

I was listening to this on my ipod : … 6417490&lf =mh_lolz

is there something I have to do while listening to them?

are there any better beats you guys recommend me?

does it screw me up if I didn’t have a dream?

(I had about at least 1 dream every night from jan 5 to jan 10 , but Im worried if my whole dream journal, lucid dreaming quest is screwed up since I didn’t have a dream that night)

thank you guys for answering my questions :smile:

Try again without the beats, and if you remember dreams, then don’t use the beats. Some people say they don’t do anything, while others agree it works, I think its all placebo though, meaning they do nothing, but if you truly believe their helping you, they’ll help.

I’m not sure if it’s actually ever been proven that these things work. I think it’s mostly just a placebo effect.

Don’t worry about not remembering any dreams one night, that kind of thing happens. No dreams one night, three the next.

Agreed with above ^
I like to think some nights im just ‘re-energising’ in a dream less sleep, preparation for my big lucid dream tonight.
Use it in a way to motivate yourself.

Well i have heard of a song that is supposed to be THE most relaxing song ever. It is called “Weightless” from Marconi Union. Now, this doesn’t mean it can induce lucid dreams, but it can certainly help you relax and enter a trance state that would be usefull in order to do a MILD. Also I would recommend to set a timer on the replay, because there is a chance that the song is so relaxing that you sleep without even noticing your dreams. About the placebo effect, IT IS AWESOME! hehe If you think something will help you, it will. But be carefull, because if you think it wont, then… it wont hehe.

Good luck my friend!

Hey I too have tried the “binaural beats” on my ipod. Thats how I learned of LD

Yea for me they annoyed me and sounded like something
you use to ward off badgers or bears or something. I used “sleepstream”
app and it cost me 2.00 for nothing. They are placebo my guess.

Did u try them with an overlay? i almost fell to sleep when i but the BB on low
and a piano music track on high. It didn’t induce anything but it was relaxing

Binaural beats are proven, thing that is not considered that often tough is entrapment. Your mind will home in on it but that is if its allready similar to your current state of mind. Most on youtube from what Im getting just gets a tone puts it in and go hell yeah!, fewer that plans it from a waking set of tone having it going so that your mind can adjust to it from lets say Alpha state. Heck, Its just like diving with tanks!!! When you go back up you need to pressurise depending on the depth you went to right, see the same for the brain but from top down.

You need entrapment, having your mind being caught in it and then adjusting to it, and stepping down alongwith it. This dont happen by putting in a diffrence and tone and think hell yeah I just made a Theta or Delta Wave Bin, If your not allready relaxed sure it can help you to relax a bit but if you dont do a slope within, Its not going to work. The entrapments are faar better, but they are few. Better to just download and make the files yourself. Theres a good program called Neuro Programmer. There you can set it up and entrap and it does have a audio library of sounds like waves and other shiet like that. But theres a 30 day trial period. From there you either have to buy or go Yarr O Matey! :wink:

P.S That program also makes Isothonic? i think they are called, who are more effective than Binaural (a thing discovered from discovering Binaural, sort of)

Neuro Programmer also have premade shit like that, And its the program that ever got me down to really deep to the point of getting heavy vibrations. then at that time I was sort of put of by the vibrations(I got scared) and a few days later the trial ran out. Getting it again tough ^^ If your using Binaural, or other like that, Read up on what it is, so that you understand it, that makes it alot easier aswell to make own prefabs and knowing what to look for.

Oh btw, sorry for not really responding to your post initialy, Ive come across it that tones and such are fare more effective for things like, Meditation. And from there possible MILD, but if you listen to something that plays on replay it takes it away sort of(If your going to listen, Do so to a long one and one that does NOT repeat, And dont forget Stereo Headphones or better. If you put it this way. Its far far far by far easier to go UP than to go DOWN. Going Down and hearing something “up above” can quickly bring you up, but it wont bring you down in the same manner.

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I got an android binaural beat app on my cellphone with an audio I like a lot, but it’s supposed to help you reach an OBE, not LDs… Still, it’s very special, and at a very moment there’s this sudden change in the audio sound that almost makes you go much deeper in your meditation… I would put a link there, but I’m not sure if I can do this (I will put the link here if I can).

Anyhow, I have another theory about binaural beats : while you listen to them loud enough and for some time just before you’re going to sleep, you get exhausted as you keep listening to them (just like you’re tired when you’ve listened to music all day)… yet at the same time, you’re still awake. In other terms, you get tired without falling asleep… which is precisely what we want? :happy: