Bit nervous over prolonging LDs

that might really happpen
I never ever ever thought that…

Interesting thought, though I’m sure when prolonging, that you are only in half-reality for a second or two, so unless you have an LD for a dream time of a few hundred years, and must prolong every hour or so, I think you’d be safe.

I don’t think it can, but then again I’m not a fabulous prolonger. I need my body to cooperate, to agree that “yes, we’re still sleepy!” to even chain. It can’t go on too long because it has its own timer to wake up, and I have to wake up with it.

If I did want to prolong a dream that far, then instead of spinning or whatever, I should just try to key in a major information dump. So, in a few seconds I could have spent a month in a dream. The details of every moment of that month would not be set in the flow of time, but in memory. I might even remember every event in detail, and some quiet boring parts in between, and those events in a series would make enough sense that I’d feel it really took that long. Maybe it didn’t actually happen, but we’d (re?)gain the experience by sifting through the memories.

I very highly doubt you’d go into a coma. Your body knows how to take care of its-self. You might manage to sleep a bit longer than normal, but dream time and waking time do not correlate. Like the stories of people that have had “100” year dreams and stuff. Plus you’d probably notice something was weird and wake up.

Okay… Maybe you should look up comas? I’m not too sure, so don’t go off what I say, but I have a feeling that if you’re in a coma they run a million and one tests to make sure it’s a coma. And if that’s the case, one of two things would happen:

  1. You’d wake up when they pricked you with a billion and one needles
  2. They’d realise you were sleeping and try to wake up
    But I don’t think either matter unless you’re a natural sleeper and someone throwing a cold bucket of water on you doesn’t work.
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The first ‘kick’ in inception was chucking him in a bath of water. I think that would wake anyone up

Seriously, I am more then sure you’d notice if someone was trying to wake you. And plus, your body will hate you if you tried to prologue sleep while you were wide awake. And you’d get hungry, too. Trust me, there’s a million and one things that wake people.

  1. If you care about waking up after a number of hours, you will. There is more than just the conscious mind in dreams, as you can clearly see when you’re in one; and if one of your concerns is waking in time for whatever, then it just happens, no prob. Or at least, you’d be warned about that, so you could choose at that point how much more to stay.

  2. It’s very possible to live days, even weeks in dreamtime while sleeping for only a night’s time. Look up Writerscube in the DJ section for the most notable examples. So if you’re good enough, you can pretty much enjoy as much dreamtime as you want, freely and safely ^^

If something vital happens to your body there’s no way you will ever be able to stay in your dream. Do you seriously think somebody could put a pillow on your face, scream at you, hurt you, that you won’t wake up? Or that your body could starve itself to death without waking? Some things you simply can’t control, which is a good thing.

If you could prolong an LD more than 10 minutes, I’d be extremely surprised. And if anyone shook you or moved you, you’d wake up.

No one is going to euthanize you because you’re asleep.

You can’t really dream for longer than your REM periods generally last anyway. Once that sleep cycle begins anew, you’ll most likely wake up from the dream whether you want to or not.

ive heard stories about “The Rats” they come out of the sewers single file with stakes and nets. they then tie you up and haul you back to their laboratories where they’ll tap into your neverending dream-coma and study their findings, and eventually evolve. believe me you don’t want such malevolent creatures exploring the possibilities of quantum physics.

O_o Err. Cabin, what does that even mean? XD

it means the end is near!! spend time with your loved ones! dance in the rain!

Neverwhere is awesome. :smile:

hey thats new to me, is the plot having to do with shysty rat clans?

Sounds impossible to me. I do my best to prolong dreams but i have never noticed anything like “oh the clock is much” after waking up from them. The longest prolongation (is that a word?) I have done is most likely less then 15 minutes physical time.

I have managed DEILD - waking up for seconds after a dream and return to a new one. If you manage to do that many times you can probably reach a noticeable effect on prolonging the total sleep time. Perhaps you can even reach a day. But someone will wake you up before that.

At the worst if all else fails to wake you, being Lucid you know you’re dreaming but has anyone actually thought in a LD" hang on, I been here way too long" ??

You’d be enjoying the LD too much to care if you are awake surely, unless you are me and have really scary ones :sad:

This is absolutely impossibile, as many here have already said. First, you can’t prolong your REM phase: you just prolong your lucidity period, so when the REM phase ends you’ll end up waking up anyway. Secondly, your REM phase is very different from a coma state, and I don’t see how they could think that you’re in a coma while instead you are sleeping (you even move your REAL eyes in the REM phase).

If you really are worried, put a note on your end table that says, “Don’t euthanize me. I’m dreaming lucidly.”

hahaha, this is true^

The note idea is a thing of pure genius! :razz:
No, I know its impossible, but I asked anyway (I’m not even good at prolonging LDs) because it was one of those things where eventhough you know it couldnt happen, you need someone to tell you its impossible before you believe it. So thank you.

And 2 pages? Wow, I didnt know the idea was so interesting!