Black LD4all T-shirts are here! :D

And when you change your username it also changes on your t-shirt :tongue:

It are probably only t-shirt who are now available in black right? Not sweaters.

for now only t-shirts sandra, but i think after that they will have more black garments :smile:

cool… waits for jumper… :happy: …(do the black shirts just say LD4ALL on them?)

freedom, I’ll have more black shirts, but the first one just has the logo.

I’m going to make other ones too.

oky doke … sounds good to me :happy:

:hurray: the first black LD4all T-shirt is for sale :hurray:

so run down to the store to check it out :smile:

more designs to follow so if you don’t like this one wait :wink: (can’t give you an ETA of the new designs though).

I have been informed that there could be a rush on black t-shirts bc it has been on demand for SO long. So it might be that they are sold out quickly and out of stock for a short period. In other words, if you like it, go for it now :wink:

at long last! this will definately go on my wishlist. and on my super-secret-blackmailing-demandslist-for-emergency-use-only list. just in case i dont get it for christmas :tongue:

oh yeah. will we ever get them with our nicks on em? that would be really cool. almost as cool as having them delivered by ninjas in little 5" clown cars :tongue:

if you want one with your nick on, PM me and i can make it.

/me has e-mailed the link to friends/family who need ideas on what to get him for Christmas. :gni:

The name sounds cool, though I wouldn’t want the design to get messed up. Can the first person to request one send me a piccie so I can see what it looks like? :happy:


Hey Q?

I know I’ma probably sound really dumb, I know nothing of pricing anything, so just…ignore me if this is really stupid. xD

But if I requested my name on it, I’m expecting to have to pay more…how much more? <.<[/b][/color][/size]

[size=92][color=darkorchid][b]Really wants to see a pretty little paypal button instead of all the forminess


It makes my head fuzzy…I like just going CLICK mmm, new things…[/b][/color][/size]

hey pist :smile: one with your name on will be $10 more, (shipping excluded)

Contact me through PM if you want one. You can pay with paypal for those.

please allow some days for the designing as well.

The previous T-shirt design is temporarily on hold, since I got information that it probably will look bad because they can’t print partial transparancy yet. So to be safe it isn’t for sale until I know it will look good :content:

So, I made a new, simpler version with the logo only, and optional, your forum name. It will be in < brackets > like this, or if you don’t want that, then I’ll leave them out :wink:

If you would like to have one with your name on it, that is $10 more, (+ shipping costs) and please PM me for further details, because I have to order it for you, and design it seperately.

more designs to follow in an unknown timeframe.

[color=darkorchid][b]x_x;; I want one.

But my credit card got cancelled. xP

Yup…good old Pisty decided to overspend. :tongue: [/b][/color]

I would like one if I could afford it…some day, Q, when I’m done the clinic and get some bills paid off, I will definitely be supporting the ld4all store…there are several items I want to purchase and I would like to donate money for the website costs, etc., I just can’t do it right now but I promise I will contribute when I’m able! :content:

How can i take some things if i want to if i’m in greece and don’t have a credit card???None of my family uses one.Although i don’t have enough money i’d love to have some of the things you have.Xmas is coming and i’ll get some money,so i could buy some of the things i want and give some money for the forum.I’ll contact you when i got the money :smile:

I will buy stuff when i’m old enough. When i’m 18. in 4 years time. just wait… keep waiting… are you still waiting? just wait 4 years. then i might get a credit card, and i will buy a t-shirt then.

I added a new black t-shirt design today ^^
check it out:

I should be ashamed of myself for not looking in here earlier. I like the black t-shirts. I always wear something black and I love being in t-shirts. That first one is awesome. I’d put my name on it.

I’d put my username from the forum of course. That second one as a little retro going… nice very very nice touch.

ill definately be buying one of these

phwoar, exchange rates suck. one shirt gonna cost me $50 total.