Black LD4all T-shirts are here! :D

Here you go, Q, custom rubber bracelets:

Oooh, they have dog tags too…LD4ALL dog tags!! Woo hoo! :content: Hmm…logo on one side, domain name or cool lucid dreaming phrase on the other…

I have a rubber bracelet that says dream on it… and it’s clear which signifies lucidity. It reminds me to do RC’s. My dad got it after hearing a motivational speaker. Actually he got 15 of them, I don’t know why though, he only needed 2. (Dream is supposed to stand for dedication, responsibility, blah blah blah… I like my meaning better)

w00t thanks for that link Cynster :happy:

hmm… i have to order at least 500 + $350 molding fee… then i’ll have 500 LD4all bracelets… unless i do print on them, but i love the embossed type :grin:

Well get to it woman so I can order some

first to get $825 somewhere…

It is possible to make multicolored design so I want to make it with the rainbowcolors from LD4all, or else with the blue and white swirl like the sky. :content:

/me wonders if Q is going to make personalised truit smilies of all the LD4all members :tongue:

Is that a request I see there moogle? :grin:

I like the dog tag idea, I’d wear those. :grin:

That’s a lot of money. Maybe we can have another fundraiser and those that have donated get a free bracelet.

Yeah let’s give moogle a truit smilie… slapping the little moogle. hehehehe Do IT!!!

LMAO on the one with me.

How about a LD inkpen to go with the journals. Just an idea.

That would be GREAT !

:peek:…waiting for dark jumper… :content:

sorry, still not able to have black garments… when that day comes I’ll announce it here :happy:

the pen is a great idea, but that one also isn’t available yet :smile:

Pen is not available?Lets hope its temporary:)

well, i can only use what the main store gives me to print on. And up to now, that doesn’t include dark garments or pens. But if they become available i’ll make a LD4all pen…

i still have to design that light switch cover :grin:

Light Switch cover… talk about RC?! Yay!

Q, is there anything you plan to stop selling in the store? Just in case there’s something I want so I can try to get it before it’s gone…I’m on a strict budget right now but am dying to buy stuff from the store as soon as I can. :shy:

cynster, i’m not planning on removing anything, unless cafepress itself suddenly discontinues items (they did that with the traveling mug :cry:). And if there is something you would like but isn’t there, you can always ask :smile:


What about dark t-shirts ? :tongue:

That would include T-shirts :content: