Blue Water

looks like a fake to me why doesn’t someone advise the myth busters about this? :confused:

Oh somebody will. And it just might be me…although I would have to read it. Should it be told to mythbusters?

Whatever you do, don’t use plastic containers. They may turn the water bitter, by pulling some toxins into them.

If you do want to try, use glass ones.

i am gonna start reading this now.WHEEE! Hopefully one can help me LD!


yeah, you won’t get anywhere cool if you listen to people like them

they do good work, but they won’t PROVE the paranormal for you, you have to do it on your own

i put my own energy in a cup of tea once and gave it to a girl and she thought i put drugs in the tea, it changed her consciousness that much.

so yeah this colored water absolutely works, even if it’s just in your mind, that is good enough you know?

i will pick up some more colors, and some lemon juice today and see if it can really remove freckles.

/me = fairly skeptic

And I must say, Eyelids is right on this one, Jester. There’s nothing particularly scientific about Coloured Water. Therefore, it cannot be proved right or wrong. It might just be that it works. It might be that there’s nothing — normal or paranormal — going on but it still works due to placebo effect or some other sort of belief & expectancy effect. Therefore, you can only find out if it works for you by trying.

As a moderate skeptic, I should recommend you against using water charged with blue light for curing diseases and serious stuff — in which case you better look for a doctor of some sort — but if you find it boosts your confidence or freshens up your day or gives you funky dreams, then there’s no possible myth-busting reason for you not to have your own bottle of blue water somewhere handy. :smile: It’s not like we’re telling you to try rat poison as a chilling out potion — it’s just water! You know water, you’ve drank water throughout your life, what bad can come from drinking it ceremonially from a blue bottle? and what if it works? :wink:

As a moderate skeptic, I should recommend you against using water charged with blue light for curing diseases and serious stuff — in which case you better look for a doctor of some sort —"

Right! Although for serious curing of ailments I would recommend the sun-gazing thread

this is so powerful and so simple, and so effortlessly easy.

which does not mean to just go out right now and look at the sun, it must be researched by the individual.

the problem with all industries is that, motivated by money and blinded by current fads, great powerful and simple methods will be ignored as they do not fit the current world view

drug mention removed.

might be a little crude compared to Light-Therapy

we will see Light-healing emerge eventually as all these silly pills are flushed down the toilet

side effects may include :
geeze who would want those side effects ?

strange fact, most of our diseases are caused by the industrialized pollution filled plastic world we live in, and how we eat synthetic plastics and weird things every-day

while things were terrible in medival times due to weird agricultural and feudal nonsense, those in a more hunter-gatherer relationship with nature are likely to enjoy great health

what is needed in this planet is a return to simple natural therapies (and great scientific inquiry into their effectiveness) while still balancing the comforts of our technologies

i know if I got my grandma to start sun-gazing she would live to be in her hundreds and see so much life flood back into her body and soul.

I’m waiting until I get to a point that I have perfect vision and high joy so nothing skeptical she could ever think of saying could sway my advice GRAMMY JUST TRY IT

she probably would just try it now, but I’m waiting.

it is good to trust doctors and follow their advice, i would guess the biggest factor in healing is if your doctor truly loves you and will do anything for you, because that faith and relationship is probably just as healing as any treatment he assigns, so that is needed definitely

there are stories of miracle faith healings where a doctor did a surgery, couldn’t fix anything, but told the patient she was fine and she recovered, it all depends

it all depends

i would never discourage following certified medical advice, but at the same time, just as we would look upon the doctors of 200 years ago as quacks for doing what they did, we will look back on this current industry and lament our pill to fix everything lifestyle

simple hatha yoga would replace the need to take almost any pill you can think of
obese ? do yoga
diabetes ? do yoga
arthritis ? do yoga
stress ? do yoga

I am rather certain the Ancients in their wisdom, Egyptians, Chinese, Indian, Native American, were better in medicine than we are in many ways, but we have so many blessings with our technology that it seems some great ancient wisdom will come to the surface and marry our techno-babble

just thoughts.

You have touched an interesting point here.

Even if you don’t belive in Colored water, and even if you don’t belive in sungazing, you must agree that today’s medicine rely only on curing an illness, and not actually fighting it; No pill that you take can help you deal with the root of the problem, and therfore, you will always be needed to take pills whenever the illness come back.

i am about to drink some.Only problem is that it may be orage or amber. i can’t tell.

The chinese believe that you should first heal the mind and that will in turn heal the body.
This can be seen in all internal arts such as Tai Chi,Baguazhang and Hsing I. And of course Chinese medicines and accupuncture.

I’m very interested in different forms of healing the body and mind. I’m not someone to believe in anything 100% and always look at things scientifically. I even think that one day, the paranormal and will be able to be proven with scientific evidence. I recently watched a documentary about how science is very nearly prooving the existence of God, without even trying to do so.

I love the idea of this water being charged with types of energy from colour. I’m deffinately going to try it out.

I havnt read it yet, but I’m guessing it works on the principle that water has a memory. This is how homeopathy works.
I saw a book a while back in a shop (I didnt buy it, but did have a flick through) A scientist was putting water into clear glass jars and subjecting the jars to certain emotions. Singing to them, placing them in a certain emotional enviroment and having them blessed by a priest. They were then frozen and looked at under a microscope.
Our scientist found that the ice crystals in the water that had formed by it being frozen were all in different patterns, depending on what the water had been influenced by. And was compared to water that had just been left alone. The results seemed quite staggering and would suggest that water does indeed have a memory.

I wonder, is there a colour or mixure of colours that would help with dream recall and LD.

Just hope it isnt orange :tongue:

I might try the blue water with lemon to try and remove my freckles tomorrow. I will post results tomorrow.

oh crap it was ORANGE!!! Good thing i only had a sip.It works i will tell you that.

Remove freckles? I do have freckles but I don’t think I’ll try the orange one…maybe the blue

I certainly get where you’re coming from and I am skeptical but I do have an open mind. So basically I think it sounds like a long shot but if enough people say hey I tried it and it’s crazy then I would feel a lot less silly about trying it for myself. :content: From a scientific point of view the sun only gives off light and mild forms of radiation so I don’t get how that makes healing water; really most bodies of water are in the sun all the time so shouldn’t the whole world be “blue water”?
“Even if you don’t belive in Colored water, and even if you don’t belive in sungazing, you must agree that today’s medicine rely only on curing an illness, and not actually fighting it; No pill that you take can help you deal with the root of the problem, and therfore, you will always be needed to take pills whenever the illness come back.”

I disagree what do you think vaccinations are for? Even if they had pills that would cure an illness for good, they wouldn’t make them strong enough so you have to buy more the market is unjust that way.

It’s actually something different, but there’s something that reminds me of this. There was a while ago a topic on the Dutch LD4all about how you can influence water with your thoughts.

There was an experiment with talking to rice in water. In one you expressed negative feelings and the other positive. There seemed to be a difference between the two of them.

Okay maybe that was a little off-topic. I only read the “book” after I wrote this. I have to agree with Bruno, if you want to use it for something, it’s still water, fine with me.

I’m going to try some blue water once i get back from france (i leave tomorrow night) and see if it works. I’m not that sure it does but still, one must keep an open mind :tongue:

Nuu the Queen likes freckles :nuu: :razz:

Giant off topic-ness:

@ Eyelids: I agree with your criticism on modern medicine. After all, it’s our overuse of antibiotics and pills that are creating “super-bugs,” so what are we doing? Trying to create more powerful drugs. We’re trying to combine natural selection with the Cold War. :razz:

Even this has substantial support from science without even getting at the religious aspects. So many important drugs/hormones that influence the rest of the body are synthesized in the brain. The brain functions better with more oxygen, and yoga stimulates (correct word?) the flow of oxygen to the brain.

Back on topic:

Just wondering, what does red do? Because I've been drinking out of a red bottle, though plastic but as an American I'm guaranteed to die of cancer or heart troubles, for over a year now without even thinking about this.

colors have an effect on you , but not if you drink water that has been lighted in a certain color , in my opinion , this can be discounted as fraud (at least it is not such a expensive one like certain other devices…)

More off topic-ness:

The problem is that when you posit this sort of criticism against modern medicine, you’re throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Let’s take your example; sure antibiotics are being over used, but that’s not what modern medicine is about - talk to any doctor and I’m sure you will get a good speech about why antibiotics should not be overused. Just because they are, that doesn’t mean we should all stop using them and start drinking coloured water :wink:

So why are such medicines being overused? Mostly because they aren’t being used as medicines. Think about this; some companies make a lot of money off of you by selling you stuff that you don’t need, and antibacterial soaps, cleaners, etc, all fall into that category. Heck, they even make antibacterial toothpaste, but you don’t need antibacterial toothpaste. It’s just a marketing ploy…and it’s not modern medicine that is responsible for this, but modern medicine that has to fix the problem.

On topic-ness:

Water is really just hydrogen and oxygen, and light is just electro magnetic radiation, so if you think about it, you probably ingest these molecules all the time, many of which have sitting somewhere, exposed to some other type of light, and you haven’t noticed any positive or negative effects from that. So if this blue water stuff really works, I’d suspect the placebo effect has something to do with it…and to prove it, I am willing drink a whole litre of ‘orange’ water :tongue:

…it might not be a good laxative, but I think it will make me have to pee really badly :content:

What does orange do to you? I don’t want to go check.