Brain activity

Hello. I am trying to understand why we seem to have a different mind during dreams. A mind where we do not question things and lack analytical thought and seemingly even memory.

What is the scientific explanation? And the difference between that and waking state?
More importantly what triggers the analytical thinking physical world mindset?
Typically you would think an inconsistency in the dream, like something not making sense, but I see dead people and impossible things frequently all the time in dreams without batting an eye.

Parts of your brain that make you think logically are not active when your dreaming, unless you are lucid dreaming. During a lucid dream, those parts become active again and you are basically “awake” while still dreaming.

You believe all the impossible things in dreams, because of two things:

  1. The analytical side is not active, so when your subconscious comes up with an explanation for anything that happens in the dream, you believe it without questioning.

2)You haven’t trained a critical mindset while awake. You don’t truly question things in your day, so you don’t do it in dreams. For example, you look at your hand and count the fingers. There’s five? Should it be five? Yes, of course, you never question something like that. But you should. Otherwise you look at your hand in a dream, count seven fingers and accept that too.