Bubbles in a LD?

Has anyone ever thought of trying playing with like soap bubbles or blowing bubble gum bubbles in a lucid dream? I mea, since you can control it I think it would be awesome because you could do whatever with them like make them bigger (like so big it takes over your house or the world or something :smile: ) or make it change shape like into an actual square bubble or make it so it can’t pop or something. I was just curious if anyone has ever tried that because I know when I get a substantial LD I’m going to try it. :content:

Surprisingly I’ve never thought to try this before :tongue:.

There’s something for the ol’ to-do list I suppose

Well once i dreamt about jumping in bubbles and i couldnt breath >_<

What I really want to do in a LD, to summon/make bubble(s) and travel bigger distances within them. It would be funny - you could see the scenery