C-WILD Amazing technique

10? I sometimes lose count at 3 :rofl:. It can be hard indeed, I don’t know what else to say… :neutral:

This technique got me a pretty cool LD.
I was literally falling asleep but staying conscious. It was an amazing feeling, no SP though…

It happened when I woke up after some time sleeping and then immediately applied the technique.

Hey I just have a quick question. So if you wake up in the middle of the night you just lay there and try to count to 100? Or do you have to WILD? New to LD so this might be a dumb question :razz:

Basically you want to try to remain aware to some extent so that you bring with you some of that awareness into the dream.
You can do that in several ways, but counting in your head is one fairly popular way to remain aware.

Another classic is to repeat to yourself “the next time I’m dreaming, I will realize that I’m dreaming” over and over as you fall asleep, until you really feel that you mean it and have your mind clearly set on that intention.

Hi guys I’m back. (I’m the creator of this thread and technique).

I have been taking a long break from LDing, it has always been in the back of my mind as something to do however I haven’t got round to trying the technique much again. I’m really surprised (and pleased) that this thread keeps getting bumped up. :happy:

After reading some of the questions people have I thought I would explain the logic behind the technique as with many things I feel that understanding why it works/should work makes it much easier for you then to tweak it to work for you.

The whole technique revolves around the idea that when you wake up in the night you can fall back asleep very, very quickly and almost straight back into a dream. So therefore you can induce a false awakening easily. The counting was chosen as an idea because it can keep you relatively aware whilst alowing you to keep your mind awake and still let your body fall asleep, and also everyone can count in their heads its not a subjective task like some other techniques. You can then “wake up” and simply check whether in that brief period you were counting whether you had fallen asleep or not and whether you are now in a dream and thus LD’ing.

:happy: Hope that helps. :happy:

Sounds like a very interesting technique, and one that may hopefully work for me since I’ve had a few experiences of what seemed like going straight into NDs before while repeating mantras during MILD. I have a question though, how ‘aware’ should we be while doing this? Do we try to stay in a happy medium of aware but relaxed? Or try to stay wide awake mentally while the body drifts back off? Sorry if this has already been answered but I couldn’t find anything very specific. -I know LauriLindo said to be aware to some extent but with me it’s either all or nothing…or…is that where the difficulty lies? :neutral:

I’d like to try this soon but if I’m trying too hard to be alert I could end up laying there for hours! :eek:

:tongue: . But yeah, I think this is the most “basic” form of WILD, the first I ever read about when I started LD’ing. Although I do remember it not working well for me, it’s probably time I try it again :content:

Precisely! This is the trickiest part of any WILD (no matter what approach you use (maybe excluding DEILD?)), finding the balance between too awake and too asleep. I myself when I try to WILD I end up staying awake for a long time untill I give up or, more commonly, just fall asleep and wake up later with no idea of what happened. Just a matter of practice, I believe, and probably depends on the person, it might just not be the right tech for some people and might work wonderful for others…

Well I decided to try this last night. Woke up after ~4hrs, got comfy, and started counting. Almost drifted off a couple of times but managed to count to 100, then 150, then 200. After that I found I was getting too awake and didn’t want to spend the rest of the morning getting back to sleep. The only weird thing I felt was an odd numbness/pins and needles type feeling all over. No HH/HI, and RCs said I was still awake, boo! :tongue: I must admit though that I was very relaxed while counting. I’ll try this again soon and hopefully night do better next time.

Yeah, I kinda questioned whether I should put that bit in my post a couple of days ago, hmmn, but I will say that I have never found this variation of WILD elsewhere, there are lots of similar ones, however this one I find much simpler (however has a lower success rate), as you instead of trying to drift into a dream are trying to force a false awakening.

In reality this technique has probably been mentioned somewhere before somewhere, however I have yet to see it. So whilst I’m probably not the original creator of it I did think it up rather then just read it somewhere.

Hope that kinda makes sense. :happy:

Tried this last night, woke up at 5:15 in the morning. DId serveral attempts and they didn’t work. Then i thaught to myself “I woke up at 5:15 in the morning to have a lucid dream trough WILD so i will have a lucid dream”. I don’t remember alot after that except that I randomly got this really numb or paralized feeling. Then 2 seconds after that feeling occured it felt like my body was getting pushed. First my whole body got pushed to the right then my upper body got pushed upwards, like i was going into sitting position. I tried to roll on my side but it didn’t work. I don’t know how but i ended up in a dream :happy:. I was in my room near my desk. I was floating but that didn’t bother me cause i wasn’t lucid yet. In the dream i remember how i tried to fall asleep and that made me look at my hand. I had 6 fingers! I got lucid but as soon as i tried to float away (I had 0 gravity) I felt a heavy weight around my knee and there was a DC holding onto my leg :meh:. I then spent the whole dream ( very short) to get him off of my leg. I even tried to spawn a gun in my hand but it didn’t work ;. Does anyone know why this DC didn’t want me to explore???

Did you try asking him?

About how many times does it take until you are in the LD using this technique on average?

I never even thaught about even saying anything in the dream :confused:. If this happends another time i’ll ask the DC what he’s doing.

For me it worked the first couple of times and then stopped working, you can improve the technique the more times you do it, however it is so simple that it can easily work first time.

I will definitely try this. This sounds great!

When you wake up in the middle of the night to do this should you remain completely still and try this technique or should you move around and then go back to bed and try this?? Also, are there any strange sensations when doing this so we know its working?

For me I don’t move around atall and don’t feel any sensations. When it works for me I open my eyes and it feels like I’m normally awake however then do an rc and find I’m actually in a dream.

Hi, I am new to this forum as you can see this is my first post. I had only one lucid dream in my life when I was 5 years old. Back then I didn’t really cared about it for some reason, and then after a looooooooong period of time I got curious about it so I started to search stuff out etc. I used WILD-C the first time on Friday (the last Friday) I didn’t knew about this topic/thread (WILD-C Amazing technique) as well. And (keep in mind this was my FIRST proper try on WILD) after like 70-90 counts I started to experience hypnagogia, I saw lots of werid shape type of things and then someone (in my head) said something AND IT WAS SOO REALISTIC JUST AMAZING, I know that for “lucid dreaming pros” this might sound like nothing BUT IT SURELY WAS SOMETHING FOR ME, unfortunately I did not had a lucid dream becomes one of my family members walked in to my room(it was my “nap time”, btw), therefore it distracted me and I stopped. Yesterday I also tried WILD-C before I went to bed (I didn’t mixed it with wake back to bed technique mainly cause I wanted to just “train” my mind to stay awake while counting), and then after 186 counts I experienced STRONG FEELING OF PANIC I tried to control it, but it was just out of my control, and then after a while I get out of the bed… What it was? Was it a hypnagogia or I entered a sleep paralysis (I’m not sure because I was so relaxed to the point of not feeling my own body parts, lol). So there it is, keep guys in mind that I’m just starting but so far this technique is fantastic even for a beginner like me. Also sorry for my English it isn’t my first language so if I made any mistakes sorry.

ehhh… I just realised that this topic is 2 years old…

Haha, it’s fine! If anything, your recent post made it so that I came across this awesome technique!

I tried it out last night and let me tell ya: I had my very first WILD!! It was such a thrill ride! I never expected to get it on my first attempt either, though I guess my previous attempts at other lucid techniques made it easier for me last night. Who knows!

Anyway, here’s what happened:

So I tried to do a VILE (visually incubated lucid dream). It didn’t work as I fell asleep rather quickly. I had a dream but I can’t remember it in the slightest.
Then I woke up literally a minute before my alarm went off for 6 am, as I had anticipated the VILE not to work and so I wanted to try a WBTB/WILD (I’m rather surprised my mind knew exactly when to wake up before the alarm! Good brain!)
I got comfy after disabling my alarm, then started counting to 100. I got to 100 a few times. In the later stages my mind started to wander but I was used to it and just started back from the last number I could remember.
I was never successful, however. The only thing counting to 100 served was to sharpen my consciousness.
After about what I felt was an hour of this, I gave up and decided to go to sleep normally.

My mind: HAHAHAHAHAAHA yeah right.

The counting had done a fine job of keeping me conscious, as it was nigh impossible to drift off into a regular slumber.
I was stuck awake.
I unintentionally initiated a few WILDs as I’d occasionally see bright colors and images begin to form, but I’ve never been able to get past this stage due to my excitement (I’ve only first ever experienced HI a couple of nights ago, so I’m still not used to it).
I guess my brain grew tired of my incompetence to calm down during the HI stage, so it decided to skip it entirely.
Suddenly, my entire body began to vibrate and I could feel myself being propelled through some kind of tunnel. I knew immediately what was happening and was surprisingly able to keep my calm through it.
I began to see an image of my room from where I was lying in bed, as if I was still in bed but simply had my eyes open. However the decor was different: my nightstand had some high-tech buttons on it. It just proved what I had strongly suspected.
I concentrated on the image intensely all while constantly imagining my arm moving to press a button on the nightstand.
It didn’t take long until I had completely morphed into the dream and my dream arm moved!

The dream only lasted a couple of minutes, and me being picky and stupid, I spent it all trying to make a mirror bigger for me to fit through to teleport where I really wanted to go. It was only when I decided on a size and was just about to jump in that I woke up. Booooo! :cry:

But I had an amazing experience nonetheless! I’ve only ever been able to induce a lucid dream through a DILD. It was the first time my efforts to WILD truly payed off, and I’m so glad I persisted (even if it costed me an hour or so of sleep).

I’ll definitely be trying this again sometime soon!