cake anyone?

i had a few back to back lucid dreams last night, but why is it i can only recall a little from them :cry:
i remember that i was talking to a few people about the nature of my self who i was blah blah you know what i mean…but some totally strange answers that i recall for sure but not so sure if i do anymore,
i started becoming really lucid when i was jumping from peoples backyards to a other backyard kinda fun :tongue:
i come across a house that seemed to have alot of dc’s around.
man i wish i can remember my lucids better!!! !!! !!! lol especially conservations that i have… lol
anyway i remember clear as day when i was in this house, i saw what looked like
a old fashion bar, strangely on top of this bar was the biggest damn cake i ever have seen in my life!!! i don’t usually eat in my lucids, but it was like this cake was calling to me lol.
so i stuck my hand in and pulled a chunk of cake out, and stuck it into my mouth…
this was the sweetest most divine cake i have ever had in all my life!!! :woo:
after tasting it… i am unsure who began this… but either the other dc’s who also was eating the cake started howling or i did… or i just joined in… it was a little spooky :eek: but anyway i was howling like a mad man :happy: coz this cake was so nice it was like food to the gods or something, and i was eating it!!!
this was funny… when the howling was happening… other dc’s started jumping through the windows over the fences running for this cake… someone screaming
cake!!!.. the cake didn’t last long :tongue:
this lucid kinda turned sexual soon after… and we taking a girl on kinda of a super man ride over the dream world… saying this could all be yours if you give your self to me… lol i like to pretend im a god :tongue: haha
i hope someone enjoyed:D

The cake is a lie, my friend. The cake is a lie.