Can anyone else on here, do what I can? o.o

[size=134][color=indigo][b]Hello everybody :happy:

Just a quick post really, but I wondered if anyone else can do what I have been doing for quite some time now, and possibly explain what it is xD :content:

For quite some time now, before I go to bed, I will think of 5 things that I love the most. Or, just think about a beautiful scenic view. But When I fall asleep, I always seem to have a dream containing the view I was thinking of before I went to sleep, or the 5 things I would think about. For example, last night before saying good night, my boyfriend said to me;
“Imagine, laying down in a huge room as a tiger, with me curled around you ^_^”
I really liked the image that came to my mind, and I thought about it for quite some time.
Then, when I fell asleep, I ended up having a dream about it :smile:

Is it just me being able to control what I dream about? or is it something else? xD
Tell me about your experiences also :happy:![/b][/color][/size]

Hi and welcome to the forum! :cool:

What you describe is called dream incubation. It is something that I think most people have sometimes done, consciously or not. For most people, it doesn’t always work, but when it does work it gives me a strong feeling of satisfaction.

Being good at incubating dreams can be very useful for lucid dreaming too. Imagine that you train yourself to be lucid every time you dream about, for example, browsing this forum. Then, you can simply go to sleep with a wish to dream about this forum, and you will most likely get a lucid dream. :cool:

The most effective way for me to choose a dream about a specific thing is to imagine that I write down the dream I want in my dream journal. The ‘daydreaming’ approach is also quite effective.

Hello :}!

Thank you very much for explaining this to me :happy:
I will most certainly try out your method, I would love to find out if I can create lucid dreams from this as well :happy: that would be amazing xD I will post it on on here if it happens :smile:
Thank you again :smile:

There’s no reason why you can’t use it for LD’s :content:

Just try to remind yourself as you go to sleep that when you’re in the setting you were thinking about, you’ll do a reality check. Incubation is great because you already know what to look for, and if you already know what to look for, the rest is easy.


Yeah, I agree :smile: I’m going to try and go for more lucid dreams, I’ve had around 5-6 altogether, and more when I was young, but I’d love to have them more often :smile:

Have you had any experiences of dream incubation?


I use the VILD technique a lot, which is based around visualizing the same scene until it becomes a dream. The hardest part is staying aware, but picturing yourself doing RC’s in the visualization will help with that.