Can I make a custom world?

I have never lucid dreamt before (at least not manually). I am still considering to try it, since a lot of people said it’s scary (with the WILD technique) and you fear there’s something in the room with you.

But, straight to the point:

I wanted to know if, in lucid dreams, I can build my own world… I know I can, but I mean like this:

  • A world in which I go everytime I start lucid dreaming;
  • The characters are always the same;
  • The characters remember past experiences ( other times I dreamt and met them )
  • They also have their “own lives”, and when I start dreaming again and come back to “my custom world” to see them, they can comment about, for example, how many time it have been since they’ve last seen me (say: I have not been lucid for a week, and they missed me)
  • The world may be in constant change, even if I am not dreaming.

You guys get it? I want a realistic world for me to go, everytime I start lucid dreaming. Is that even possible?

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Yes this is possible but you have to remember every dream you had in this imaginary world. Else you wouldn’t even know that you dreamt of this “world”. That they change could happen but you could build oyur own world, it’s just hard to remember every detail. It’s not like in a console game where you just press save.
You could also write everything about this “world” down and read it 2 times before sleeping, this might help.

sounds intresting. making your own world. but then you must have a dream journal otherwise you will forget the characters and they will just change :meh:

If you do this you can use the dream characters to get into a lucid dream right?

This sounds like cool idea! This probably means that you have to “waste” one lucid dream because you end up walking around a certain location making up people, animals, jobs and houses. Either that, or was your intention to hop in one dream world and just memorize the characters…? I mean, if I were to start such a project, I’d design a huuuge mansion/villa, memorize it, and then place characters there. Sound very interesting nonetheless! :smile:

if you’re going to do this, having a good DR is a must! I had my first 30+ second lucid dream tonight, and I reeeally wish I had started working on my DJ earlier. Only thing I can remember I did was to do RC’s in a room, opening the door and start flying (poorly). The scenery was a place with purple/beige skies and many green hills.
Oh wow… I got side tracked, sorry! Well, yeah, to sum it up:
DJ, DR, remember DC’s and good luck! :wink:

Yes this is possible. But there is probably a long way before you can really enjoy your whole imaginary world. I would start tracking your dreams in a DJ. First you will probably have non-vivid lucid dreams like me. But if you practise and KEEP your DJ you will create your own world!
Good luck :smile:

i had planned to do something similar, only i like the way my dream world is already so i would only add and tweak some things, but yeah i also would like to make a world for myself, it would have many of the features of my current dream world, but just with a lot of things added.

like many here have already said, keep a DJ, and practice, i have been LDing for a while and i still am not very good at controlling my dreams, once you first become lucid, stabilizing the dream is very important, this is a skill that i too have to work on. if you can’t stay lucid for very long then you wont be able to do much, so spinning or rubbing your hands will help you to stay lucid and stabilize the quality of the dream, once you can do this and are good at it then you can learn things like materializing objects and DCs, teleporting to a place you imagine, flight, and other things. after much practice then you can begin to build your own world, but you will need excellent dream recall, which will be hard, writing about it and drawing the settings will help, you will need to memorize everything though and incubate everything throughout each day in order for this to work. it will be quite hard but i think you can do it :smile:

just take things a step at a time, it takes practice and patience.