Can u Suggest some cool Android LD Apps?

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Hi guys, Jus got an Olive IPad android 2.2.2 version. Would like to download few ld related apps from google play…Can any one suggest few cool ld apps? hv u tried them? is it effective? thanks…

-Sleep as Android-

It’s at its core an alarmclock, but it is a Very extensive one! It can graph your sleepcycles at night, it can record the sounds you make in your sleep, it has functions on it to help you dream lucidly, and it goes on

Pro: A lot of cool functions
Con: It can be rather difficult to navigate

When you download the app it’s a trial version, but having your trail end doesn’t effect the app in any way it seems to me

hmmm thanks…Did u personally try it? did it hv any effect on u?