cannot feel sleep paralizys

Hi, ive been an active dreamer with occational LD´s for 10 years. The recent LD´s have resulted in me realizing im dreaming but not being excited enough about it so I slip back into a normal dream just seconds after the realization.
So to excite me about it ive been trying to fall asleep awake into the dreamworld, something I have never managed, but experimented with.
I came across the website who have a simple timer that wakes you up among with some guidelines how to use it, nothing out of the ordinary.
Since I have never felt sleep paralizys (SP?) I wanted to get into it as it is a step to falling asleep awake (and transition into LD or OB)
So i slept for 5-6 hours, got up walked around abit and then back to bed with the timer on.
After about 1 hour I could feel like told, a heavy blanket was laid on me and breathing was demanding more effort. My mind was very clear. At that point I felt, as I have done quite some times before during meditation like this that I was peeing myself…seriously cant explain it better, kind of a druggy feeling :wink:
After maybe 1 hour my mind started to wander abit and getting tired.
After 1-2 hours I was starting to fall asleep (I got the time down cause of a meditation CD I was playing And roufhly know when what track is)
After 2 hours+ of laying absolutely still, not even swallowing I felt nothing like electricity in my body or hearing any noises and aborted the meditation, having no trouble whatsoever to move my body.
So any thougths and tips how I should proceed?

You used to lose lucidity because you were not excited enough?
Usually, you lose lucidity when you are too excited.
But it was not because of this.

The dream simply destabilized, happens to everyone.
When you become lucid, try rubbing your hands or touching objects from the dreamworld.
This usually stabilizes the dream and keeps you lucid.
Shouting ‘‘Increase lucidity!’’ can also do the trick.

You should relax.
The relaxation exercise (tensing your leg muscles and relaxing them…until you reach your head) might help.

Also, SP is most effective when you are lying on your back.
You also might want to try that :wink:

You seem to be waiting for something to happen or to feel something, which keeps you awake.

You may want to read this. It made a lot of sense to me, why WILD-ing never worked:

Reasons why you might not encounter SP

  1. You are tired when you go to sleep and you lose awareness and fall asleep.
  2. You are way too aware for something to happen. In that case, this would keep you awake. This is the hard part in WILD - not everyone can do that: you need to be aware but in a dream-like level. Now, even in a LD even your highest conscious level is lower than RL level - personal experience, so in a WILD you don’t need to be too aware (very hard).
  3. You need to know something: sometimes in WILD SP won’t come :smile: Sounds silly, but if you are fully relaxed you don’t feel anything anymore - you are in SP but don’t know that and thus you think nothing is going to happen, and by moving you disrupt the stage. This a hard part too. Again, personal experiences :wink:.

Which one ? Or have you a “custom” one ? :content:

Lord Antares:
well it is not really LD I am trying to achieve. I am simply curious of the SP stage and want to experience it, then see where it leads.

That is brilliant info, thanks alot. Excited to try that aproach!

Don Anonymus:
well its not that I am to tired, since I slept 5 hours, awoke and went back to bed and taking almost 2 hours to fall asleep. So its probably no 2. No 3 makes sense as well, but I cannot know at this stage if this is what is happening.

This night I will try to take a more casual approach to it and see what happens :smile:
Thanks for the help!

I know, it was pretty much just a ‘‘by-the-way part’’, since you mentioned dream destabilization :smile: