Can't do the things I used to in my Lucid Dreams

Hey all!

Long time reader, first time poster. I’m really hoping you lovely dreamers can help me out with this:

So I’ve been lucid dreaming pretty regularly for about a year now. I’ve had really good success–flying, walking through walls, interacting with the dreamscape itself, talking to characters…

Well lately, that’s all changed. My last 4 lucid dreams have been VERY different. I have been virtually trapped in unfamiliar buildings. Every time I try to go outside, whether that be walking through the walls, or going through a window, I am stopped by what would happen in WAKING life, i.e. a thud. So I tried opening a window the conventional way by sliding it up… I finally felt like I was free–but as I climbed through the window, I found I was in just another room of the building.

I also have found a considerable decrease in dream characters. The last 3 of 4 lucid dreams I’ve had have been just me. Very little going on around me, and nearly no one in my dreamscape.

What gives? Anyone know what could be causing this profound change? Why my “powers” seem to be disappearing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :help:

The first thing to do here is examine the way you’ve been sleeping - Has your quality or length of sleep changed at all? That could be a factor in changes like this. Also examine your stresses, new events, etc. Also remember one of the greatest ways to have dream control is confidence - don’t every lose your confidence that you’ll do something, or you just might fail.
Best of luck :smile:.

I would say be open to these new dreams. There can be intentionality behind dream settings even when it’s a lucid dream.

Perhaps there is a reason why our mind has put you in empty buildings in life-like conditions.

You might ask the dream itself what the meaning of it all is.

Agree. Changes in dreams usually can point toward a change in waking life. We lucid dreamers can consciously acknowledge that and do something about it and in this case doing nothing might be actually doing something.

Like dreamosis said, go with it. See where it leads you. Don’t fight it, embrace it and maybe you’ll find something that unconscious mind is trying to tell you. :universe:

Funny you should mention this because this scenario has just recently begun happening to me too.

I become aware I am in a fairly drab representation of my own home, or my childhood home. I try to stablise the dream, its a big foggy mess, but i cant. I cant escape or seem to influence the dream in any way and I wake up in short order, or continue on into a normal dream.

My first question is, are you getting enough sleep? I am pretty sleep deprived at the moment and I think this is the reason behind this phenomenon. I don’t find setting an intention helps at all either.

I’m going to try, during the day, to imagine my dream scenario and hold it in my thoughts all day. I notice that, in my normal dreams, events of the day influence who appears in my lucid dreams, and what scenario materializes.