Can't stabilise dream

i touched on this on another post but ill make it a main point now:
i havent had many LDs but when i do they are always layer 1 and hazy. so i try to stabilise them and hopefully get a layer 3 or 4. in my 3rd LD i remember becoming lucid in my room and then trying the “staring at hands” and “moving really fast” stabilisers but the dream nearly slipped back to normal until i woke up.
in the LD i had this morning (my 5th! :thumbs: ) i noticed tons of weird things in my room and realised i must be dreaming (after my annoying subconscious arguing “no you aint!”) and i sat on my bed doing a few reality checks and had about ten fingers on one hand and i pulled my finger and it grew about twenty cm. ANYWAY i felt the dream slipping into a ND so i tried one of the stabilisers i havent tried yet: “demanding for clarity” it didnt work. the dream changed and i wasnt lucid (but the rest of my dreams last night were very interesting . . . :content:
anyone have any ideas? i know that the more LDs you have the more stable they will become but i dont want to wait for the next bunch of LDs to collapse before finally getting a stable one on my 37th or whatever. does it matter how lucid you are before you stabilise or should it work anyway??


From what I’ve read, touching something stable in the dreamworld could help, like a wall or a chair. Helped aswell for me once.

I agree… I had two (!!) last night for the first time after a long dry spell, and these were the longest I had ever maintained. The key for me was to look around me and focus on things there in the dream. It also seemed to help that I was consciously not following the “plot” - I was just looking around and interacting with my environment.

If there is any printed material there, look at it - printed stuff looks so bizarre it will help reinforce “hey you’re dreaming buddy” :happy:

Hope this helps!

ok yeah ill try that. all of my LDs so far have been in my house and i have tons of printed things in my room . . . ill try to get there before the dream collapses next time! but im also going under a dry spell its been like that for maybe 2 weeks and ive noticed in the past few days its gotten so bad my DR is fading. maybe ill start up my DJ again :smile:

Oh one more thing: do you have to actually yell for clarity in your dream or can you just think it? im pretty sure i just thought about it in my last LD

Funny thing about that… I couldn’t speak clearly in either of the LDs I had night before last. :eh:

I finally managed to whisper some words to DCs, but then just proceeded by thinking the words at them and it worked. Next LD, I have some suggestions to try if it reappears.

Robert Waggoner recommends shouting it out loud in his Lucid Dreaming book, if that helps…

ok that might explain something. next time i have a LD i am going to remember that