chains of events

The things i do (by stuff i mean like karate, lacrosse, football, ect) has had a weird way of being helped by previous things i did. all of them.I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if so what. here it is, a cycle of cool things that helped me do other cool things. first, I did Gymnastics and was on a tumble and track team for one and a half year, then did Martial arts for 2 and was on the Performance team, and most of my experience came because i had done gymnastics, and then i moved and went on the Dublin Taiko Honers Ensemble and martial arts helped a lot because half of the time we are working on stances, me and one other kid are the only ones who don’t get sore after a song in correct stance. (one time our sensei made us stand in a horse stance for fifteen minutes, i didn’t lock my legs once :smile:)

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Is called life. :happy: