Changing phosphenes colors

Okay so I was looking at this and I did a forum search and couldn’t find anything on it so here I am. The phosphenes are the pretty colors you see when you close your eyes. I was reading this article about WILD. It was a user friendly wild guide. Soothing like that anyways. It said that you were able to change the colors of them. How am I able to do that? Just wondering. I tried changing the colors to pink and it worked. So did some other colors, but other colors didn’t. The colors that work and don’t randomly change so I think it was just a coincidence. So does anyone know the proper technique to change the colors?

That could have possibly been my guide that I wrote!

I don’t really know how to describe changing the colors… I just think about it and it works. You just need stronger willpower or something!

Okay after some thought I have realized that some colors are easier than other colors and that’s weird.

Yeah it was yours. I recognize your Derpy avatar lol. It was actually really helpful and I plan on trying WILD soon so thanks :smile:

In case you were wondering I did some research. I find pink to change the colors to. Yellow however I have failed to do. I’ll probably edit this later on when I find out some more.