Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming - CALD Part III

Thank you Talon. I am deeply greatful that you are so understanding and kind.

Alice:Yes thank you for you good luck! I will find her no matter what and even though I feel guilty for deserting Astraea I know she will be cared for by Sage.

I should go. Ive been in this library for hours! Got to head home. Bye Talon :content:

Hehe, Bartleby’s so cute XD

giggles XD Ahhh… you and Bartleby are just so completely and utterly adorable-- What’s not to love!
I am just very happy to reply to the nice posts of the people on this thread ^^~ I am joyful at each and every one! this thread and this forum light up my day every single notification e-mail I get ^^~ XD

I love you both, boys~ XD


Have a good trip back! Good luck, and no problem at all-- I wish you both the best of fortuane and…
I wish you both to be happy-- My prayers are with you!

I’m sure Sage is a fine care-taker… Leave with no guilt!


Awww, Astraea’s gone :sad:

Bartleby: :sad: We at least had a huboppoly time :neutral:

You get notification e-mails, Tal :eek:

Bartleby: Oh yes, I do too, Huey–you select it in the–

Ok, you don’t even have a profile on this site–I just met you last night :huh:

Bartleby: Yes, and for the record, Huey–that did not exactly sound right…in the double-entendre sense…


Bartleby: :razz:

^^~ giggles Hehe XD I don’t understand either XD~ What’s a hoboppoly time?

But yes! I get notification e-mails… I am very dedicated to answering each and every post I get on any thread I make! It’s my obligation as it’s author to make sure I share my thoughts, and give respect and appreciation to everyone who takes the time to read and reply to the threads that I started! It’s only mannerful! ^^~ The only one I might have trouble with, is the Character chats-- because sometimes it’s not directed to me ^^~ But i do read every single post on any of my started threads :D~


Bartleby: I dunno…but I did stay in a Holiday Inn :grin:

Oh God…he’s just like me :eek:

Bartleby: Please Huey…I get stranger things than you in my breakfast cereal :roll:

:huh: And since when do you eat breakfast cereal?!

Bartleby: Hey–I gotta have my Pops :shrug:

Wth :confused:

Tal…this–you’ve created a very endearing and adorable in all ways, but still very obnoxious MONSTER :nuu:

I would like to pinch his chubby cheeks, though :content:

hehe~ XD Awww… He’s not a Monster… is he? XD
Bartleby, calm down XD I think you’re scaring poor Huey XD
That was very clever though XD You’re both so adorable XD~

Yes, he’s so k-yoot :grin: I could just dunk him in my coffee :yes:

Drive safe, Tal :wave:

Yusyus~ :smiley: Bartleby is just too cute XD I could rant on and on with analogies and things I’d like to do XD

Drive safe? I’m afraid I don’t understand… XP~



Night :confused: You’re going to sleep–'cuse it’s morning over here :tongue:

Yes, well :hmmm: quiet “Miss” Talon–I’ll just stick with Tal, though

Drive safe, because…well :uh: On the road to life, there’re passengers and there’re are drivers, but for everything else there’s Mastercard :yes:



:ack: You know what I mean :tongue:

If we can SD, though…then Bartleby and you can have a play date :yay:

Well :roll:

Bartleby: Oh crist–Until tomorrow Miss Talon Arana :wave:

Hahaha! XD Awww… I’ll never get the end of you boys… I adore you much too much XD~
It’s 2:16am over here ~XD I’ll sleep when I stop getting posts I suppose!
But g’night! I don’t want to tire you out too much…

G’night boys! Sweet dreams… i hope to see you both soon!


Well, well… interesting.

As promised, though…

Rock LaRocque came to me last year, rather when I was sitting in a dazed stupor at my desk. He is… an enigma of sorts, in a way. Flamboyant. Brash, but modest. A street-smart womanizer. Charming and charismatic. Humorous, fun-loving and quick-witted. I really have all the words in the world to describe… just no where to really start.

Rock brings out an inner character in myself. It’s almost as if he is me, but separate from me all the same. He may even be related to Vice in some way or another… I’d like to ask - one of them - the next time I LD.

He is like the best friend I never had. More than a friend… it’s weird. I wouldn’t describe it in a homosexual way, but more like… well, simply put, we’re just close. Like brothers, you could say - but more.

Really, this is just a general description of Rock. I’ll post a more detailed one of him when I’m not so tired. Rock along with CJ Lee… they are my most developed.

I would even go so far as to say my favorite two…

~ Ah how sophisticated. I love how you put these characters together…
They sound simply intriguing-- and their connection with you is no doubt profound and captivating :3
Their general being sounds very meaningful to you-- But the descriptions you’ve left are very likable already-- however summarized it is. :3

I can personally say I look forward to more detailed descriptions of them!


[ Character update! ]

Hiya guys~
I have a new character, his name is Kaito-- Otherwise known as Astral ^^~ He doesn’t speak English very well, or Aikuun for that matter. I think i’ve mentioned him before.
He was supposed to be my helping-character in CALD, but it seems once my characters meet up with the others, they stop wanted to help-- and instead focus on interaction XD.

SO~ I believe, i will make a KATRAN character~ :smiley: Katrans are the beasts of Aria-- so having a purely feral character might be cool ^^~
Maybe Kazurai’s dad? Nah… This beast’ll have to be completely seperate from the rest of my characters-- maybe I’ll even just make a roster of dream-oriented CALD characters, yeah?
I’ve noticed I get alot of results the first time… So I think I’ll do that-- make a roster of 3 or 4 beast characters to help me out. They never seem to have as much ego as the sentient-Aikkun-whatever characters XD~

I’ll update you guys! So far, I have a Canineuse (Basically, a canine-oriented Katran-beast), and a Serpantin ( again, a serpent XD~ I want their origins obvious in the names :3 )…
They just came to mind when I was typing this…
But i’ll have to give them their own cornered off place in Mind-space, I don’t want them corrupted by my beasts of mind-- old beasties made for a rp once, set in MindSpace…

What a race that was!

So… if I get any results~ ^^ I’ll get back to you guys for sure! And if I draw anything, I’ll post it here, and in my character listing :3~



Hiya! My huge snake~ I have named him Serpentus (Serpent-us). He will be my first Katraan-based creature to help me in CALD~ Let’s hope this works!~

Even though katraans are not able to change sizes-- I have decided, since this Katraan is for my CALD usage only, this one has two!

One is very…very, very large. A Normal sized Human man could Sit ontop of Serpet’s head comfortably-- not too big, not too small…
The big Serpentus, would have trouble curling up in the lower level of my house.

The small one is still big-- but can perch up on my shoulders and parts of my arm well ^^~ He’s like, a mid-sized anaconda, then.

He’s pretty cool so far ^^~ I just like seeing him slither around in my mind… It’s very smooth-- I think he’ll do well!
He is supposed to be the carrier-out of my intentions. In fact, I think I might just have him, infact!
Yus yus :3

Update: There’s been a lot of construction in the mindworld lately.

I added a second large island about 10-20 miles from the main island’s western coastline and colonized it with people and buildings. (I practically had to drag Morph and Aiden away from a card game they were trying to invent to come watch it rise out of the ocean.) (It was a one-time only event and I wanted them to be able to see it firsthand. They argued that they could just watch it later from my memories, but I insisted.) There is also life in the oceans now. (beforehand they had been sterile lifeless masses of blue)

Since everyone else but Saichania had added something to the mindscape, (Morph added a teleporter station, Aiden a monolithic spire) I asked Saichania if she wanted to add anything.

She didn’t know what to add at first, but eventually settled on planting a fragment of her essence, a “seed” so to speak, in the ground and seeing what would happen. A pink-purple glow formed around her heart and a small but intense spark detached itself from her and embedded itself in the soil several yards away. We waited curiously for a little bit, and then a seedling began to sprout from out of the hole. It swiftly gained height and blossomed briefly into the form of a large flower before it split into several vines that quickly grew around a central stalk, one that soon became a towering tree unlike any species on earth. It was the size of a redwood, but similar to a willow in many respects. There is a naturally growing stairway going a fourth of the way up the trunk into a shallow cavity in the wood. The vines have spread somewhat into intricate patterns in the air and some have rooted themselves in the ground. To finish it off, Saichania added a long streaming ribbon of silk that would glide through the air on its own, ever coiling around branches or vines and then off again. (she added it, not me) :tongue:

Since its completion, we’ve noticed many ways it symbolically represents Saichania herself. The roots are her faith in god, a firm foundation allowing her to push off towards the sky. The outstretched branches are her longing for freedom, while the ones that arch downwards near the base of the trunk in part represent her protectiveness. (they form a sheltered area surrounding the pond I added around the trunk) There are more little bits of symbolism, but they wouldn’t make sense unless you knew Saichania really well or have seen the tree for yourself.

Now the others are all jealous and want to make something spectacular too. :tongue:

I’ve also added a fourth MC to the list, Mecha. Unlike the rest of the gang, Mecha is not a sentient being. It’s a symbiotic mechanical suit. (my avatar is of it’s helmet)

Wow that all sounds really cool! . Saichania sounds very clever and mystical. Your mind world sounds very beautiful from what I have read. Im jealous!! My mind world is ok its just Im at this point where I cant put my castle anywhere because it never looks right :neutral: And I always start on a cliff when I get to it and it takes me forever to climb down.

Talon- Serpentus is so awesome! :unk: He seems so life like I was surprised he didnt jump out of the computer! What colours is he and what kind of personality does he have?

^^~ Very cool! It’s all very intricate… I love it-- Saichania has made such a wonderful lifeform, I really like the decription of it-- you’re very good!
But the others shouldn’t be jealous D: I’m sure their additions were just fine!


:3 Good job Sai! You’ve done well…

And Mecha, you’ve made so much progress~ I’m so proud XD~

It sounds like the new Mecha charry will be interesting…

Good job!


Lol Im jealous in a good way. Seriously Mecha your mindworld seems really awesome!

I can definitely agree! Many people who post here make spectacular things… It’s amazing!
But I’m sure you’ll fix your castle problem soon enough ^^~

Thanks very much! I’m not very set on Serp’s colourations-- though he has alot of earthy reds when I imagine him ^^~ Beiges and reds and browns…
He is pretty much just a cute snake right now XD
Occasionally sits up and stares-- or sleeps… Or slides around, or stares into space XD
He’s actually quite a bit like Fang-- one of my other lil pets… Similar colourations, and drawing-cycle… their personalities are becoming similar too!