Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming - CALD Part III

Just noticed Serpentus. He’s really cool looking and sounds rather cute!

Haha ^^~ Thanks very much–
:stuck_out_tongue: I think, when I stop attempting FILD/HILD I’ll want to try and use him for CALD,
So far though-- he’s just been a really cute snake XD


Havent been trying CALD of late though I have been using my characters help when attempting WILD.
Alice is gone… :cry:
I woke up this morning and saw Sage sitting on my bed and I asked where Alice was. He told me she was gone.
I got such a shock because I didnt expect her to leave that soon and without saying goodbye. I kinda just sat there not really believing it but after I mind searched i realised she was nowhere to be found. I never thought it would really happen but I guess I was wrong. My biggest regret is we didnt get to say good bye but then maybe it was easier not to :sigh:
Its weird theres like this empty space inside of me.

On another note though I have been seeing a black panther lately who came to me in dream months ago and eased some type of fear in my dream by speaking to me. Tonight me and Sage are going to use our combined energy to draw her to Arveya. The castle problem was fixed and i can just feel that more mind characters shall emerge in my created world. Yet i dont know how Arveya could ever be the same without Alice. But I know that with her twin sister she will find complete happiness.

Thats all for now guys.

Astraea: My condolences on Alice’s departure, I know what you mean by an empty spot inside you. :sad:

A while ago all my MC’s just disappeared for a day and a half. I couldn’t feel them at all, and after the first day I started to get worried that they might be gone permanently. Luckily they’re all back now, but none of us knows just what happened, or if it might happen again in the future. :help:

Awww… I feel your pain-- It’s admirable you’re handling it so well ^^.
I’m glad you’re starting to move on-- you seem to have quite the plan running! You can continue-- and I can see you obviously have a good base…Congrajulations on fixing the castle problem-- And obviously, we’d love updates about any new aditions to the gang ^^~ :smiley:

I see a good future for you! :smiley: You’re handling well-- you and Sage will get far :3~
Good luck, but you won’t seem to need it~ :3


Ahh, we all go through little periods of that. A friend of mine had a serious one for a few weeks-- and because of her very integrated lifestyle with their existance, it was definately traumatizing.
Ah well-- for me, having a grip on a certain level of control over just base things ( just how violent is too violent, never allowing any harm to come to me or others from my character’s presences, and making sure I always have the ability to stop my characters O-o;) at least lets me keep a good grip on their existances…
Fading has happened to one character of mine-- Kazurai, he dissapeared for awhile, but came back. Some characters, for me, are more defined and solid than others…

Ah well–
The important thing is they’re there in the end when we want them to be. :3~


Oh. Another character came to me Tuesday. Not from a dream, though. She just… came. And, that’s usually how my most memorable characters occur. I’m just a little too embarassed right now to talk about her, though.

I will… sometime, I guess.

Haha XD I can’t imagine what would make to too embarassed to talk about a character-- but I’m glad that she spontaneously came to you…!~
I can’t wait to hear about her ^^~

G’night guys!~

Happy lucids…

Can’t imagine? Then surprised you will be when I tell you about her. I will say that “the answer” is closer than you would think. Practically right in front of you, even.

Maybe closer.

As for progress on my more developed characters… I’m getting this sense of a quasischizo feeling. I’m not sure if it’s necessarily a good or bad thing - it doesn’t really bother me, it’s just different. Mostly it’s Vice who is the “talkative” one…

It’s funny… DCs seem less developed in personality than consciously “created” characters. In most cases, at least.

Talon- thank you for your kind words. I am trying to move on but its hard. :sadyes:
So much has happened in just 2 days. Seriously so much my brain is hurting.
First of all I have 3 new characters (I think my subconcious is throwing me characters to ease the loss of Alice.)
so I will introduce them. First theres Carma the black panther I talked about last time. Shes calmer than I expected and sort of just follows me around Arveya pretty scilently though we can talk through minds.
Then came a brother and sister. I was sitting on my bus home 2 nights ago and they walked on sat in front off me and we chatted.
Theres Felicia Oswald who is 15 loud, cheerful , and very bossy
I also have Emanuel Oswald her older brother who is 17 shy quiet and sweet. Him and Felicia look so alike. Plus they are both very good at aiding me in LDs I had like a 10 second one last night :content:
Plus Arveya is coming along nicely.
Thats all for now (sorry for the long post)

I don’t understand CALD what so ever. You people with “characters” act like they are actually alive! Can someone explain this “CALD” in simple terms?

I merged this with the CALD topic. Also, the pathways to lucidity forum is the right place to post questions about techniwues. :cool:

CALD (character assisted lucid dreaming) is a LD technique that Talon created :yes:
You use one or more DCs or consciously created characters to help you LD.
Im sure Talon could explain it better…

Wow O-o;
Perhaps I’m not looking closely enough? Is she your darkside, or something-- or…Uhmmm ~o-o~ Or…Maybe…
Agh, My theory is a bit… I think I’m going to stop thinking about that now.

:stuck_out_tongue: DCs do tend to have less percieved personality-- because in consciousness, we would focus on that aspect alot more…
And as for the quasi-schizo feeling, just remember to have very -very- clear, and strict outlines, and I’m sure you’ll be fine :stuck_out_tongue: I know you have quite a bit of control!
I have very strict rules when it comes to my characters, I could never let them cross that line and blur my sense of reality-- it’s way too dangerous…
:smiley: But thankfully, by beliefs and philosyphys co-incide very well with my system of reality, so it works fine ^^~

I look forward to clarification as to who this character is :P~ My guess is a bit presumptuous, so I’d rather not voice it ^^~

:3 That’s not a long post at all, not to worry!
I am happy to hear of these new characters, but still sad to know of your stress-- I know exactly what you mean… It must be very much of a flood.
They sound very nice, and I hope everything settles down soon!
It seems as though Arveya will be a very detailed, nice place… :3 I hope you describe it to us someday! :smiley:

Hoping for your peace of mind–

haha, simple–but yes :3 I’ll try my hand at it-- XD But you explained it well :3 Thank you Astraea…

Ouch-- I can’t help but be a bit hurt for the subject title-- And I assure you this isn’t the case. :stuck_out_tongue:
I try to stress this point-- almost to a severe point, for all those coming to observe CALD:

Clear outlines must be set for the perception of the characters’ existances-- Blurring of your sense of reality is not acceptable. Characters are completely incapable of gaining a physical form-- and thus are on a completely different plane of reality-- They are not of our own reality, and never will be-- this should be clear in your mind while working with CALD.

XD~ So-- Now that I got that done… (sorry, I really needed to stress this so it stopped a bit of confusion for others.)

The characters are either made consciously while you’re awake-- and brought to a level of realism in their mannerisms and actions, or are retrieved DCs from dreams…
The goal is to have them help you go Lucid-- And by extention, convincing yourself to go lucid, since they are completely contained within yourself.
But by taking a third person perspective, this is easier-- and besides that, the characters provide benefits past just the lucid-concept.
:smiley: I have tutorials up in part one of the thread for both of these~! :3

I can see your concern-- But treating the characters realistically is part of getting their personalities to become independant, and makes it easier to have them automatically follow through with their actions. Think of it as a kind of auto-suggestion :3.

I know my answer wasn’t exactly simple-- but CALD isn’t a simple technique… It’s quite automatic after you figure out how it works, Though ^^~.

While I know the method isn’t right for everyone, it works wonders for some people who try it ^^~ It’s beneficial as long as people keep clear, and strong lines for their sense of reality. :3 Blurring isn’t acceptable-- but this doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem for people who post here-- they all show an understanding that these characters are created by them… And it’s all in good fun ^^~ It’s just like being more involved with a character you make for roleplaying-- :stuck_out_tongue:

So in summary: Make realistic characters, or take DCs from dreams, and have them get you lucid-- by extention, convince your mind to let you become lucid with a help of something you’ve made yourself.

But, CALD isn’t for ‘crazy’ people-- no one here has shown that tendency ^^;~ I admit, though, you have to have a very maluable kind of thinking to get used to it-- or be conditioned to it before (roleplaying or writing stories).

I hope that addressed your concerns @___a If it didn’t, please feel free to post again~! :smiley:

Tiredly yours… @___a ( and a bit disheartened)

I feel bad, I am mis-representing CALD, and giving the technique a bad front-- It seems to work for me and others… But maybe I should take it down? If it concerns people on the forum, maybe it’s best it was closed-- …And if I bother people then maybe I should take a step away from LD4ALL. teary.

What do you guys think? I don’t want the people who want to use CALD to be labeled just because of the tech… ;-; And I don’t want to continue to portray this technique if it offends or concerns others-- that’s just not respecting the people of this forum!


CALD for me though has given me more of an open mind, Even if it hasn’t been succesful much towards me. When I first saw this, I just thought it was something silly, Like a previous DC and trying to summom him to help you LD. But then the creation of imaginary characters baffled me even more, rather confusing for me at first :tongue: . But since i’ve created my own charactesr and they have sometimes slightly spoke. It really has opened my mind up to possibilitys. Before, when people say about Imaginary characters, I thought they were just joking. Now that I’ve actually read about all this, it really makes sense.

if you do decide to leave, at least try and bring the idea of Characters to other places on the internet, it has its own benefits and not many people know of such things.

Hmmm smile :3~
Thanks for posting this-- I’m glad that you’ve gained something from all of this-- I’m happy for it… :3
If i left, it would be because of this-- I don’t think I would want to spread it around where it could be misunderstood any further–
But… I don’t know. I really love LD4ALL, Maybe I would just stay away from CALD-- or, try and wipe my slate clean or…

sigh I hope it’s more beneficial then damaging… But i won’t regret making this thread. If it has benefited at least one person-- and people have told me it has, then it’s worth it.

Thanks Al, I’m glad you replied here… ^^

A random passerby might say much the same of LDing. “You say it’s possible to remain conscious while asleep and control your dreams? Dude, you’re nuts!”

Not trying to put down CALD or LDing here, but you’ve got to expect the occasional skeptic here and there. Just take a look at all the positive experiences people have had with this technique, and how few (none that I know of) have had deleterious experiences with it.

:eek: Where did that come from? :eh: