Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming...CALD part IX

Thank you fennecgirl, sounds good. I didnt understand the talking thing before…
this really IS interesting. maybe I try this method out!
Another question: Do you write down the personality/outfit details or do you just remember them?

I just remember them, but you can write it all down if you think that’ll help you remember better. :smile:

Hi Hillatoppa. Good questions. For the first one yes, of course you feel crazy when you start, you’d probably be crazy if you didn’t feel crazy. Firstly as fennecgirl said you don’t actually have to talk out loud. It’s all inside your head and that’s where it’ll stay. If you’re having trouble coming up with your character or remembering them then write everything down. Treat it like you’re writing a character for a story, write everything down and make changes if you don’t like it.
You can also talk to your character through writing. In this case CALD becomes very similar to roleplaying, except that you are roleplaying both of the characters (being you and your character) by starting like this you might get more comfortable with the technique. Hopefully that helps somewhat, if not then give it a day or two and then try again.

Thanks for your reply, CyberD.
I think I will give it a try soon. Dont have too much time right now.
Again, thanks for this brilliant method description!
Have an awesome night!

Well, I’m going to try this :wink:
And I already have some sort of personality in mind…

Is it a problem my character becomes some sort of minion/servant.
Id like to have a firm grasp on what he does and make sure he will not disobey me.
Then again: I feel sorry for him being a slave, a servant.
Would it be possible to ‘implant’ the need to serve me when I ‘create’ him without
him realising hes just a servant.
Example: Make following my commands his greatest joy instead of just calling him a servant. Forcing him to always help me in lucid dreams without him realising it isnt his decision…

Perhaps I’m making this to complicated, but the last thing I want is a dissobedient charactter, atleast not as my first character. :sad:

In some way, this is the idea behind CALD, to make a character help you with lucid dreaming. I, for one, am not a big fan of the “servant idea”, however, I believe that it certainly can be very convenient.

Of course it is possible to create such a character, for example:

Your character could maybe have a very compliant personality. If you don’t give him a (detailed) background, his personality will most likely be just what you want it to be like. If you create such a character, there is no need to feel sorry for him, there are people who are more than grateful to follow the orders of others. :content:

This sounds like a fun technique, I may try this! Thanks for the information.

I don’t think you should worry about it too much, only by getting worked up by it will it actually become a problem. The idea of a minion/servant could really work for you, especially if you believe it will. Leijona answered it well, a compliant personality. Some people enjoy helping others so it isn’t hard to believe a character could be the same.
Let us know how it works out for you.

Good luck :smile:

I would like to give a very large congratulations and round of applause to CyberD :clap:

CyberD’s amazing CALD Guide and FAQ was published by the scribes for the FAQ’s and Tutorials section of our forum. It can now be found here.

I hope it helps many of you. :content:

Thank you again to CyberD for a very comprehensive and amazing guide.

:thumbs: Good job CyberD! And thank you Eilatan (and the other Scribes) for publishing it in the first place!

Congratulations, CyberD!

Congrats Eil and CyberD! It’s a great guide :happy:

So long, too many words to edit… but we made it in the end. Hopefully someone can learn something from it, I know I did… and I wrote the thing :happy:

This is a bit of a bump. I’m not sure if people still post in this thread as it’s been quite a while, but I’ll post this anyway.

I’ve been pretty stressed lately and I considered going back to “see” my characters to alleviate the stress for a while. So, I had the idea of creating a MP3 hypnosis file for personal use. And, when I thought of my creating it, I couldn’t help but think of this thread so I came here to post again.
I’ve experienced a whole adventure with my characters over the past two years, and I’ve even began typing it out. It will have 100 Chapters.

This thread was a way to talk about something really interesting; I thought I was the only person that had their own characters that they’d interact with. It taught me a lot of things and I spoke to some great people in here. So, before I write anymore I guess I’d like to say thanks to everyone, particularly those who offered advice and listened to my experiences.

In regards to communicating with my characters again, I’m going to try something I’m familiar with - isochronic tones. I’m going to use ones that aid in daydreams, and am going to meditate as well so I can get into a deep state. In this deep state, I will ‘find’ my characters again - I might do this in the form of another adventure, who knows. I want to get back into lucid dreaming, and seeing as daydreaming used to be one of my favourite pastimes I’ll start again here. Just like old times.

I’m a little rusty on the CALD technique so if anyone is willing to offer some tips/advice it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,

  • Teraflare

There are still people around, I think the forum just gets a little slow from time to time. Regardless it’s cool to see someone who disappeared long before I got here.

Compared to me your CALD experience seems a lot more structured than my own. Thats the beauty of it though, it works so differently for everyone who uses it. If you do ever get through out all 100 chapters it’d be really cool if you’d share it with us.
If your mind is set I’m sure the mp3 and tones will help, there is nothing more important than getting into a good mindset when working on lucid dreaming.

Advice? I dunno what I can really offer since you already seem to have a pretty good plan. If I was in your position I’d probably read over some of the old posts, your own in particular.

Thank you for your response.
My CALD experience is pretty complex, I used to daydream about having charactes when I was as young as 5. From there, it began to become more advanced and I even constructed an entire universe for my characters and branched off many storylines for the universe. Shortly after, I stumbled upon this thread which talked about inducing LDs using characters, and then it really developed.
In regards to the story, the 100 Chapters is only part of the whole adventure I’ve had with my characters, over the years the experiences I’ve had could span over thousands of pages. I must have had about thirty characters in total or something similar.

From a little experimenting I’ve found that isochronic tones do not work for me as well as binaural beats, which is strange because I’ve read that isochronic tones are supposed to entrain your brain faster and without the use of headphones (I have been using headphones for them though). I’ve repeatedly used the tones but to no avail; and the first time I used binaural beats I could already notice a change in consciousness. I even used some binaural beats that specialise in changing brain activity to Theta/Delta (which if I recall is associated with relaxation and sleep), and I could really feel my eyelids become heavy, and I felt very close to sleep. I could have fallen asleep if I let myself, but I didn’t as I wanted to see if I could get hypnagogic imagery.
Next time I’ll try to find a beat that is geared towards conjuring closed-eye visuals. I’ll report the results and let everyone know if I see my characters.

In regards to your advice about reading my early posts, I’ll do exactly that. It will refresh my memory of what I used to know.
Thanks again.

  • Teraflare
    (I get a little carried away typing posts sometimes)

No need to worry about long posts. I’d love to have enough to talk about that I could write so much but no one needs to hear more about my character for endless paragraphs.

I guess my start was the opposite of yours. I guess you could say I came into this cold. I just read the thread and decided to pick it up and give it a go. It’s been an interesting experience to try and train my brain into a mindset that allows me to visualize my character. I’d love to be able to go on an adventure but CALD for me is really just getting through real life, I try to visualize and communicate while I am busy with other tasks such as work as a unique approach on the lucid living. I’m lucky we if we meet in dreams but it does happen from time to time.

I’ve never really looked into binaural beats or isochronic tones and never really understood the point of them when I did. I suspect they would be a lot more effective shortly before you go to bed or during a WBTB. Let us know if you have any success with them :smile:

I have no clue where to post this, but I’ll put it here.
My characters name is Ali. Ali is a 17 y/o girl who is smart, and easily noticeable because of her hair.
I’ll describe her appearance. Ali has a very fine, skinny nose, doesn’t stick out too little or too much. She has nice hollows in her cheeks, high cheekbones, and nicely arches eyebrows. She has small size of lips but very full. Her haircolor makes her more noticable since she has dark apricot hair with gorgeous golden highlights and tints of blonde. Her hair length is right past her underarms, and she has straight hair and curled at the ends. She is 5"5, and her skin tone is olive.
( I think i’m going to upload a picture of her, I’m drawing her. )
Ali has color changing eyes, which one of them are blue and one of them are a hazel. They change overtime, so the blue becomes a sea grey, and the hazel becomes a green. Ali likes to wear inexpensive clothing and she can renovate what she likes. She is a ‘do it yourself’ girl, and isn’t a big spender. She wears some makeup, and she doesn’t overload it. She likes to wear a champagne colored eyeshadow, some mascara, and eyeliner, as well as some cheek blush and tinted lip balm.

Ali is very smart but also at the same time bubbly and likeable. Since she is smart she will find ways to appear in my dreams, and she has never needed an aid- she is just naturally intelligent. She believes in being natural and never being a skeptic so she is open minded, and easy to talk to, so if I ever need a DC to talk to in a dream, she’ll be all open eared.

Name: Ali Joy ( Initials- AJ… Oh gee whiz, wonder where that came from. )
Birthdate- February 14, 1995
‘Birthdate of establishment’- October 3rd, 2012

Alright, thats it for now. I have a good image of my character :wink:

Sounds like you’re off to a good start. Having a strong visual of your character is incredibly important, without it you’d never recognize her in a dream.

I hope you’re going well communicating with her. Hopefully it hasn’t been too awkward or forced, but in the beginning that’s perfectly fine.

If you do finish the pic it’d be cool if you could upload it.

A few of us have been discussing the CALD technique outside of this thread so I thought I’d bring some of it back here to share with anyone who might be even slightly interested.

There is a technique known as “Tulpa” that has attracted some attention due to it’s similarities with CALD. A Tulpa is a character you create in your mind and work on building until it is able to talk back to you. The goal of the Tulpa technique is to experience this character as sentient so you can go on to do more interesting things with it.

CALD is similar except here we’ve focused less on making the character “sentient” and more on making the character appearing in dreams and thus more useful for lucidity.
The two techniques in their similarity have the potential to work well together to produce better results but of course that will take time (and will probably mean writing up a new guide.)

If you want to read more about Tulpa then several guides can be found at the site Fennecgirl linked us to.
and for a good starting place

I brought the topic to this thread to ask about two techniques used in Tulpa that I’ve never really seen covered in CALD. “Wonderland” and “Tulpaforcing”. Personally I’ve never used two of the techniques to any measurable extent but I’ve read about the success some people are achieving by using them.

A wonderland is another term for a “mindspace” or “dreamworld” that you go to/focus on to improve your concentration among other things. Does anyone have anything to share about the idea? Another article

Tulpaforcing is more specific. You sit down and have a session of focus where all you do is work on building your character. I personally haven’t sat down and had an extended session with my character but instead work with him while I am doing other things. Does anyone work on their character like this? Does it work better for you?