Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming...CALD part VI

Teraflare8866: Rockin. C: I remember reading about how to combat FAs, a part of it is doing RCs when waking up-- I hope you have fun taking apart your next nightmare!

Rhewin: Dream pill? That’s new. I am interested. I’m glad you got to meet the doctor! I have noticed that characters are always a bit different in dreams, versus how you’d imagine them. this can be exciting too, since I couldn’t imagine my characters realistically-- to see them in dreams was great.

Ch3rry: It’s good that you’re adept at drawing C: It can be useful. As for their voices-- I don’t actually hear anything I’d call verbal. It’s more… just a sense of understanding of what’s being said. Like in my own thoughts. Sorry if that didn’t help ^^; But! In dreams, their voices are exactly as I’d imagine them to be C:

Thanks, that actually helped a lot. I thought I was supposed to actually hear my character’s voice really clear and verbally. I just kind of get a sense of what’s being said too. I still haven’t seen my character in my dreams yet so I don’t know what his voice would sound like. Oh, and one more question if you don’t mind, how long did it take before you characters started being in your dreams or interact with you in them?

Well, Talon’s obviously the expert, so you’re gonna want to hear her answer for sure. As far as I go, I can tell you that it went pretty fast , but that’s because I spent a lot of time and energy on it (that and I had the advantage of already knowing The Doctor’s personality). It may come more naturally for some people, but there’s no reason why it can’t go as fast for you. Keep with it and I’m sure you’ll be having full conversations with Josh in no time :smile:.

@Talon: Yeah, the dream pill concept is something I read about for extending the length of dreams. It’s kind of like a placebo, and there’s no place better for a placebo than a dream. I figured that if it can extend the dream, than it can give me the power to pull The Doctor into my dream.

Wow this is an awesome technique,I’ve already defined my first character,Hope, to the point of limited independence. It is really cool to talk with her because a couple days ago she was a thought, and now I am talking with an independent entity. But I am still trying for a little faster responses c:

Ch3rry: Keep the questions coming! ^^ It’s good to ask, it clarifies things C: As for my own characters, I summoned them into my lucid dreams, and not too long after, they’d show up without me thinking about it. Mostly it’s just enjoying interacting with the character, and investing your time and energy into them that will eventually make them make a ‘cameo’ appearence. Since I summoned them into my LDs-- They interacted immediately! In dreams with a lot of them there, it was an adventure with them C: We have a few ways of finding characters once you are lucid, but having them appear in normal dreams is moreso up to the individual.

Rhewin: Dream pill sounds cool! I’ll certainly have to try in my own LDs C: Thanks!

LucidDreamer1996: Wow, that’s quite fast C: Good for you and Hope, I’m glad development has come along well. Any goals for Hope and yourself?

You can try talking to your character while in bed, after waking up in the middle of the night, sleepy, and you’re falling asleep. You might enter a hypnagogic state and their voice will get clearer :wink: I haven’t had conversations, that I remember, like this, but I do listen to hypnagogic music and it is totally awesome! It’s also a good way, I’d say, to maintain consciousness and you might even have a WILD! or a CAWILD :lol:

Hello there, I also have to test that pill, it might help me.

I am having a big problem right now. I decided what paths I should make to meet a character and have my first LD conversation with him. The problem is I am always stuck at the same place. Here it is : I know I will often gain lucidity in the land or in a room. I have to dive into water to meet this character who lives deep in the sea. I have also written all that I should do once I see him in his submarine.

The problem is, in my LD, I stuck above water. (I wrote stuck above matter lol). I can’t find a way to dive in. This is my quest so I think I really want to try this. I don’t know what’s stopping me. And I also want to ask this character to be my SG.

Do you have any tips on what I should think about to be able to dive into the sea ? I’ll remember to eat the lucid pill next time, it might work…

I also have that kind of problem… :sad: I think that the case for me sometimes is I’m too focused on the destination instead of the path there. So maybe you can try to focus on what you are doing. For example, instead of focussing too much on meeting the character, focus on the walking, the sand under your feet, the water between your toes, how it feels like to dive underwater and stuff like that. Keeping in mind your final goal, but also focusing on the path there.

Or something like that… :tongue:

I definitely have to try combatting a nightmare at some point - it will help me gain easier control during lucidity.

I had another vivid LD, but it lasted about 5 minutes. It was cool though, managed to learn magic and changed the layout of my house. I also locked and unlocked doors. I think I might be updating my LD count pretty much everyday, that’s how brilliant the technique is! My average LDs per month is roughly 4 or 5, but I’ve achieved that in a week thanks to CALD!

My characters also subconsciously remind me to do RCs throughout the day, and then I increase my awareness and then either conclude: “I’m dreaming” or “I’m not dreaming.” When I’m dreaming, sometimes I don’t need to do an RC, I just know I’m dreaming. But I definitely need to RC when I’m about to fly…could turn out horribly wrong.

Rhewin: Thanks for the advice. :wink: I should probably try talking to my character more. That might help me more, since I only try to communicate with him when I get home from school. I’m glad it went fast for you. It probably would help that The Doctor already had a personality developed.

Talon: That sounds like fun. I can’t wait to meet my character in a lucid dream. I’m just worried I would be able to visualize them or make them appear. XD

mattias: Thanks for the idea. I’ll try that. I could try autosuggestion to remind myself to try to talk to Josh whenever I wake up naturally, which happens frequently :razz: or by alarm.

I’m trying to fully develop several characters to use as more permanent residents in my dreams, the DCs that are just there are about as interesting, deep, and helpful navigation-wise as rocks, so it just gets kinda boring socially. And as for Hope, I think she would be very dependable apposed to other “essences” I caught.:wink: I also have reached a plateau, Hope is not gaining talking speed as I talk with her, I have thought about an RP chatroom, but she isn’t fast enough yet, but she is not benefiting from me as much as I think she could from other characters.

My my. What a growth spurt! C:

mattias: I know you were talking to Ch3rry, but the use of hypnagogic state sounds cool, C: I really want to try using it. And mind-music? That’s wicked C: I never hear anything-- how do you do it?

Colors: Hey Colors C:, if the issue is to find a body of water, why not teleport to one? You can try to open doors with the intention to be before a place with water, or you could close your eyes and ‘will’ the ocean to be there. Alternately, if you feel you’re up to it, you could try to summon it to you!

If it’s actually trying to get into the water, you could ‘verbally’ ( I use ’ ’ be cause I was always scared of waking when speaking, so thinking it with intent works too) command the water to liquify so you can enter C:.
Hope that helps C:

Teraflare8866: Wow. You’re a really mastering this! I’m glad that your characters are helping you so much C:.
Might I suggest trying out other uses for CALD as well? I have had characters assist with waking up in the morning, memorizing hard bits of info for tests (but I have since used other methods), and other such stuff.
Expanding past LDs may be your next step, if you want it to be, since you’re so proficient at this! C:

Ch3rry: Not being able to visualize the character isn’t too bad-- but just have faith that they will appear, and they will. Your mind will make an image of them for you C:

LucidDreamer1996: Why not join the Character Chats? I have a link to it in my sig C: I find it intriguing that you want to re-populate your dreams! :smiley: It’s certainly the first I’ve heard of it C:.
Speed of replies comes with development of her personality and being C: . Do you know what she would do in any situation immediately? Becoming intimately familiar with you’re character’s personality, mind, and condition will result in an almost instinctive understanding of their responses. That gives you your speedy replies! C:

Happy lucids everyone! I hope you all have fun in your dreams tonight. C:
Best of luck and wishes for fun to you all.

Talon, I was talking to Ch3rry, but talking to everyone! if that makes any sence… :tongue:

I usually do it on accident :sad: so I don’t really know how to induce it. I just sort of “wake up” and am hearing music! I think I’ve had it in SP once too. The coolest part of it is that I create the music, by just imagining it. I was able to create two separate voices once, at the same time, which is kinda hard to imagine while awake. Actually I co-create it, my SC helps too. So I’ll be doing the song and suddenly a beautiful violin will start playing, fitting in perfectly with the song! I’ll see if next time I can start talking to some random character…

on another note, I have to say I admire your dedication to this thread! I feek like I don’t even have to read it, as a mod, that you’re onto it! I do anyway, it’s a great topic and there’s been so much growth recently!

Anyway… :smile:

I may have found an unintended side effect of CALD last night :smile: . I was having a really hard time falling asleep and had been in bed more than an hour. The problem was (and this happens quite frequently to me) was that I had too many things going through my mind at once. I can only fall asleep if I’m relaxed and am not thinking to hard about anything.

Eventually I tried to have a conversation with The Doctor, but my mind kept wandering. After a few minutes and getting nowhere in our talk, he began to say things to keep me focused as my mind wandered. After a while, it was like all of those thousands of wandering thoughts had just wandered away. I fell asleep within minutes after that.

Who knows, maybe this can also work as a cure for mild, non-medical insomnia.

Wow I thought I was only person with hypogonic sounds. Sometimes I’ll even get hypogonic smells. Anyway, I will be sure to make a series of random events to put Hope through to develop reponses. I will introduce her to other characters when she is ready.:wink:

I’ve seen many people that have HS :tongue: just never music! Now, hypnagogic smell is totally new to me! I bet it’s pretty cool :content:

I haven’t reported here in a while, so I’ll report what happened over the last week.
I had 3 LDs - 2 of them being short with no control (but they were vivid), and 1 that was fairly vivid and had a lot of control.

In one of the LDs I tried to spin to change scene to that futuristic city I’ve been wanting to go to. I spun in the dream, which granted, it took me to the futuristic city, but the second I tried to open my eyes I fell down to the ground, began sliding down the path at extreme speed and had dream paralysis. When I had my eyes closed I could still see very vividly what was going on in the dream. I saw realistic energy effects swirling around me, and at one point I felt as if I was flying towards a bright light. At first I thought this would take me to a LD, but it woke me up.

I might try and have another conversation when I start to get HI, then I can hear my characters speak so they can assure me I will have a LD.

Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming…I was thinking of some thing similar except get your spirit guide to help you.Your’s is better. :yes:

I’m so happy! Last night I was trying to talk to my character as I fell asleep and he responded without me influencing his answer at all. :smile: I asked what his last name was and he replied,“It’s June, like the month…I know it’s extremely lame.” I’m so excited, I feel like I’m beginning to make some real progress. :slight_smile:

Hey, that’s awesome :smile: . Nothing beats the first time they talk back.