Clear Lucid program - inject your dreams in two ways

[color=blue] Clear Lucid[/color]
A software program by Jonah Schreiber aka Python Angel

Please comment! :yay:
Shem was the actual trigger of me to write this little program. I wrote it and did all graphics and coding in about 4-5 hours. I must say, I’m quite proud of the program myself :content: I hope this gets stickied / pinned :happy:

Enjoy. This program will definetly help you get better lucid dreams, help you understand within your dream that you are dreaming. The program has the ability to play a chosen sound file or flash your screen in any color of the rainbow. More information, and all this software can do, inside the download.

Here are some screenshots of the interface:

The host right now is Rapidshare, might give you some trouble. I’m trying to upload it to some other place, but my net keeps dying. To download from rapidshare, first click the link. Scroll down until you see a button “Free”. Press it. Wait until the timer reaches 0 in the top. Enter the code that appears. And click the download button :smile:

EDIT: New link up: use this one instead!: … …

You need to have your computer on in order for this to work! The program cannot automaticly start your computer, so said!
Don’t mind the “Trial” on the icon. This program is for free, fullware :smile: If someone wishes so, there is also a pack I made of sounds, however the sounds are not mine. For your convenience. The sound pack contains a chime sound, a harp swiss, a chorus of people singing and an indian drum beat. …

Enjoy! New links will come soon :smile: comments? Bug reports? Suggestions? Please let them come! :yay:

Wow, you have a brilliant mind to create this :smile: I’ll be sure to try this out tonight and tell you guys how it works ^^ Thanks a whole bunch Python Angel :happy: Just amazing. :wink:

Thank you so much! What do you think of the interface? Does it have too much eyecandy or should it stay this way? Did you notice that the background dreamingly shifts in purple and blue? :content: I really spent a lot of time on getting a nice interface, after seeing the other programs having a pretty poor interface… this one has some pretty cool effects :smile:

Good luck with getting this to work with your lucid dreams!

Wow, I really liked the background! I don’t have my computer in my bedroom, and moving it there would take all day, but I’ll keep this program here just in case :content:

Thanks! I’m glad you liked it, hope you noticed it moves a bit by shifting dreamlike clouds in blue and purple :smile:

Yeah, it’s too bad you don’t have your computer in your room… but as you know, if you can’t take your computer to your bedroom, take your bedroom to the computer! :wink:

Oh, so you’re Norwegian? That’s pretty close to where I live… let’s see… could you understand “Gillar du att drömma på natten?”? (Swedish is pretty close to Norwegian)

Still Dreaming; did the program work that night? Did you get and LD? Did you hear it at all?

Alright, I need some feedback in order for me to improve the program in any ways possible. Did it work for you? Could you hear the sound / see the flash in your dream? Will you keep the program? What would you like to see in the next version?

I am trying it tonight with the harp sound playing 5 times with 5 second delays at around 5 hours after going to bed. Hopefully it will not wake me up, and hopefully I will hear it in a dream. I haven’t tried LDing in so long and I really hope this helps.

Well unfortunately for me, my mind got set at the time of 7 AM and woke me up at like 6:57. And I don’t even know if the program went off or not because I was probably between awake and sleep and deaf to outside sounds.

It should work. It operates over your computer’s clock though. So keep that in mind :smile:

Jag gillar att drömma på natten :smile:Har verkligen fastnat för “lucid dreaming”. Tack så jätte mycket för programmet!

Kul att du gillar det :smile:

Translation (from Swedish) “I really like to dream during the nights :smile: I have really been caught in this ‘lucid dreaming’. Thanks so very much for the program!”

“I’m happy you like it :smile:

I have not tested the program myself, but it looks ok from the screenshots with the exception of one thing… The text of the buttons seems a bit too hard to read since the colour seems quite similar to the background.