Cold Water Diet

so if you got your body so well prepared for cold temperatures, what will you do if it gets really hot?

Cold water and cold temperatures… If your cold and lieing in your bed your blood vessels constrict to save their heat, if you make them dilate(Grow) would that not make them release more heat? (Although make you feel warmer. Same thing happens with Ethanol, it dilates your blood vessels making you feel warmer but on cold days actually makes you lose heat)

“.theoretically having to warm your self up would cause more calories to be burned so…”

Well actually thats not a theory, if you drink a glass of ice water you will lose a measurable (I forgot the amount) amount of weight every year. Because the body has to heat it up to body temperature, anything that makes your body to start producing heat will burn calories :smile: (Edit: I note, this applies to all cold foods and beverages, just because of the temperature)

I think that if you stop getting cold when doing this it’s mostly psychological (Though in a survival situation ignoring the cold to a point could keep you sane enough to make a shelter) of just blocking out thee cold.

/me has now made his obligatory 5 posts a year in this sub-forum, jubilations ;D

That inspired me to drink water for now on when I go eat out at restaurants :smile:

Water helps with everything. Flushes out the system and all. :smile:

Hm…for hot weather and being used to handling cold…well, I guess you’d have to compare that to how people who live in normally always cold areas…and how they adapt to heat…but the difference would be, is that speaking here, the people we are talking about experience all 4 seasons? I dunno :smile:

This could also help with losing weight if im not mistaken :wink:
It actually sounds like a cool way to live.

(Sorry if I sounded a bit offensive in my second post. I just forgot I haven’t added any description of the outcome)

Nothing special. If you can learn to heat yourself when needed, why would anything happen when you don’t need?

Anyway, the idea is to use this all year long. IF you live in a desert, than you can always use the nights to practice the cold part.

And about drinking water, it doesn’t mean only to drink water instead of coke and tea; It means to drink water as a “default” action. Are you tired? Drink some water. Are you scared? Are you depressed? Are you happy? Are you angry? Is your body over-heating? Do you feel cold? Are you hungry? Are you anxious? Are you nervous? Are you bored?

Special care need to be taken that you don’t drink too much. Try to drink evenly throughout the day, make sure you do eat when needed, and that you don’t drink liters in minutes. If you have sodium problems, be careful with drinking.


i’ve noticed this a lot… drink more water.

i figured if anything you would be more susceptible to problems like heat stroke etc.

The cold thing sounds a bit fishy if you ask me.
Due to my strange phobia of changes I dress pretty much the same during summer and winter, all it has resulted in is a constant cold and light migraine trough out the winter. :tongue:

But yes water is health. :content:

Same here, I just wear the same things summer and the winter. When it’s cold only my feet get cold not the rest of the body.

Well water is good for you, but you also need food. How long do you go without food on this diet? :eh:

I think the point is to only exchange other drinks with water.
Food has noting to do with the diet.

Ah, I understand.
A roommate of mine was talking about this sort of detoxification diet where you only drink this special naturalistic lemonade for a whole week (no food, just lost of lemonade). I got the impression that this was a similar idea. My bad :content:

this sounds very healthy , my mom also says to me the whole time , drink more water (she is very big on this sort of thing lol ) it DEFINETLY is a good idea to drink less cola and more water ,just considering the amount of synthetics in this sort of drinks :yes: :razz:

I heard about this diet before, i heard that if you drink like a pint or something of cold water every day you could lose ~2 pounds a year without changing your diet. Its cuz your body has to use calories to heat that water up. I didnt know it would help you wiht LD’s too… ima get some now.

Not just the synthetic stuff, but the sugar as well. I’m suprised I still drink sift drinks after seeing how much sugar is in them :bored:

I’m a bit confused

Who wants to drink cold water everyday? I’m not sure if it’s arealistic goal.

People who prefer cold water over liquid candy, (like myself) :tongue:

Well, first, they don’t have to be cold, it’s just prefered they will be so.

If it is not a realistic goal for you, than you either don’t drink enough, or drink way too much sweatend drinks. You can always start with a little amount everyday, and drink more every week.