Communicating between real life and dreams


I recently read article about brain activity and stuff where this guy had lost his left arm. So these scientists connected those brain wires left loose ment to move his arm to electric wires so that he could move a pointer (after while practising) in a computer screen. This of course gives us people all kind of possibilities to build up stuff in the future and one of them could be writing, while dreaming… What you think? Or have this already happened, dunno.

Maybe i can work with these kind of things someday… :smile:

Depends of the place where the neurological connecting of the wires in the brain is…i mean u can move your arm also still in a dream you dont do that so easy.


Maybe in dream you still give the same order to your arm to move, but muscles aren’t reacting to those impulses. Don’t know. It’s still little known what goes on in your brain… dreaming, conciousness and stuff

Amra that part is known…its the brain part called the pons it blocks the nerve impulses so your legs for instance dont run when u do in your dream…doens mean u cant move at all because in nightmares for example ppl do move a bit…but its a functional block anyway!
Thats also where SP origins from…from the pons…making the body ready for rem sleep.


Yeah,i doubt its the same thing here that in our dreams.Seems to be completely different.
Many ppl report real pain in arms or legs they have lost.I dont think that in our dreams the brain sends actuall signall to move…its rather our mind,our subcounciousness,our soul,our imagination.

So if you block whatever chemical your body normally releases to take the body “off-line” when falling alseep, and then go to sleep, and have an LD about writing, you would be writing IRL as well.

Other than that, I don’t see how the dreamlife-RL communication would work. :bored:

one thing that works is eye movement!!
eye movement is not blocked during sleep

stephen la berge used that í think?

I watched this program on BBC1 on Wednesday night. The program was about how we learn. One part of this was visualisation. There was a gymnast preparing a new move. One important part of the learning was visualising the new move in her head. They proved that this worked and said that when atheletes use visualisation it actually builds up the muscles, even though they are not being used.

I don’t know if this same part of the brain is used when dreaming, but it would make some kind of sense if it is. This would add to the theory that we can actually learn whilst dreaming.

No Sage…because if you block that chemical you block it at all brain parts…because many brain parts use the same neurotransmitters.
so ehm you really woudl have to block it at the pons a local brainpart.
If you succeed in that, indeed you could move your hand while your dream but it would be dangerous i think because your whole body could then move while your dream.