Competition Rankings for April

1 for me , but I think they are already a sticky topic for that.

Nope, the stickied topic is for March.

One for me.

Two so far. I’ll have the second written up whenever it’s safe to go back home… =/

I have had 3

lol oblivion rocks! … had a few game influced dreams from that :grin:

…had 2.5 LD’s this month, and 10.5 last night :happy:

So 13 for april :smile:

Yes, JaRoD can’t make a topic sticky, and as I didn’t look here, I forgot to lock the March rankings and to stick the April topic.

1 LD in April for me.

:eek: But how can you have 10.5 LD’s in one night? :eh:

lol unfornately last night I was quite ill :sad: … so I had to get up loads in the night, still on a brighter note it lead to all these LD’s (WBTB yaay) and I feel much better today :content:

Take care freedom88! :smile:

Ain’t got any… :crying:

Don’t worry White Mage, there are still 24 days left in order to have plenty of LD’s! :smile:

I have 9 so far… I think. I had a night with like 6 FA’s, but I don’t know if those count for multiple LD’s.

I’ve got one.

lol That happened to me last month! I hope it happens again!

one for me.

MatrixManNe0 if you where lucid in those FA’s they count :smile:

Sorry for not updating lately but I’ve been very busy again :neutral: And I will probably be busy for the rest of the month but I’ll update atleast once each week and more if I have time.

And :cool_laugh: and :sad: freedom88

I’ve had one, haven’t posted about it yet because of a school camp that lasted for 5 days. I broke my right collarbone on the fourth…
They put a ‘figure-of-8’ splint on me. I get painkillers and have some difficulties sleeping, so I probably won’t do any wbtb in about two weeks.

I dreamt of me wearing this ‘bandage-thingy’ the first night with it on, so I’m going to use it as a RC-reminder. (I have to wear it for a month).

Another last night, 3 for April. :smile:

Well, I was. So there. :razz:

EDIT: Had another one last night. That makes ten for me!

1 in April so far :neutral: