Competition Rankings for August

I had another one :eek:


I actually had 2 OBEs in row and after that 2 LD’s. What means that i had OBE, then i woke up, had another in few seconds, woke up, then had LD and after waking up another LD. But as they happened in row, i consider them as 1 LD.

5 lds so far
i think i may of had a 6th but me minds a blank so 5

Put me down for a big fat goose egg. (I’ll get at least one this month, hopefully. :grin:)

I had one this morning, too!

can you put me down as 5 please

Enter me in at two (had both last night) :smile:.

terrible start on this month, I’m in at zeeeero :sad:

I had a short one. But it was one none the less. About a 2 on my scale. Im not gonna post it to my online DJ though. lets just say my sense of touch and whatnot were present in this LD :shy:

2 for me

7 for me, wait a minute, that means ive broke my record of 6 in a week, yippe 7 in a week :celebrate:

I had one LD this morning

1 last night, and 2 during a nap this afternoon… :smile:

Plus another for me (making three :smile:).

Same scenario today, 1last night and two during a nap… makes 7

Thank Myself! At last I had lucids again :razz:. 2 more makes 3 :smile:.

One more this morning…
so I’m at 3 total now

2 LD’s for me this month :smile:

2 more yay, thats 5 :smile:.

Finally had a LD that I could count here :smile: