Competition Rankings for August

I’m still only at 1.5…It might help if I got to bed before 2am one of these nights. :tongue:

So… another 0.5 last night bring me to 1 lol!

Edit: (August 12)
Another lucid moment! I should turn this lucid moment in LD…
I’m at 1.5 :cool_laugh:

Had a trecherous(sp?) night last night… I did an unintentional WILD which got me a very long LD. That’s 13 then.

Had another LD last night; that makes 6 (a new record!)

fell right back to sleep afterwards and almost didn’t remember it!

Ahh had an unintentional WILD the other day and around 5 chained LD’s this morning… Im up to 2.5. Not too shabby :smile:

Thanks Vi :content: … I remember some members getting like over 100 a month when I started, which astounded me and got me practising hard in the beginning :eh: lol

2 more this morning, 1 of them was super long :smile: …er total is 8.5 I think for this month

1 WILD last night gets me to 12.5. Pretty cool because I was able to reverse time and such…

2 fullfledged* LDs in a row this morning! :hurray: That brings me to 3.5.

*Funny that I used the word “fullfledged”. I’ve been reading a lot about falconry lately.

Slow month for dreaming, but I got a freebie last night (click here) bringing me to 2. Holidays are interupting my dreaming.

1 more this morning bringing the total to 9.5 LD’s :content: … I think I’m having more LD’s but I’m just not recalling them hmmm…

Had a WILD and a DILD last night, both longer than ever before.

I’m getting better! Yay improvement! 8 this month already.

Im at 47 so far this month.


I’m aiming for 30…

Oh well. Had 6 last night. :smile: So I’m in a very good mood.
That’s 19 for August I think.

EDIT: You’re one of those people who got in the hundreds! Someday I’ll be that good… :eek:

I’m in!
Had two DILDs this month, last Thursday & Friday…
So yeah, 2 :smile:

Had 1.5 while the forums were down.

I also had an OOBE!! :grin: Don’t know whether to count that or not though… :uh:

Anyway, 20.5 for August so far.

1.5 this morning … ooo and hoorah the forums are back … 10 this month :smile:

1.5 more get me to 14.

One more makes 3 LDs in August for me ^^

I had another, that takes me to 3 for August.

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in the few days since the forum move… 2.5 DILDS and .5 WILDS, bringing me up to 11!