Competition Rankings for August

Thanks Vi :content: … I remember some members getting like over 100 a month when I started, which astounded me and got me practising hard in the beginning :eh: lol

2 more this morning, 1 of them was super long :smile: …er total is 8.5 I think for this month

1 WILD last night gets me to 12.5. Pretty cool because I was able to reverse time and such…

2 fullfledged* LDs in a row this morning! :hurray: That brings me to 3.5.

*Funny that I used the word “fullfledged”. I’ve been reading a lot about falconry lately.

Slow month for dreaming, but I got a freebie last night (click here) bringing me to 2. Holidays are interupting my dreaming.

1 more this morning bringing the total to 9.5 LD’s :content: … I think I’m having more LD’s but I’m just not recalling them hmmm…

Had a WILD and a DILD last night, both longer than ever before.

I’m getting better! Yay improvement! 8 this month already.

Im at 47 so far this month.


I’m aiming for 30…

Oh well. Had 6 last night. :smile: So I’m in a very good mood.
That’s 19 for August I think.

EDIT: You’re one of those people who got in the hundreds! Someday I’ll be that good… :eek:

I’m in!
Had two DILDs this month, last Thursday & Friday…
So yeah, 2 :smile:

Had 1.5 while the forums were down.

I also had an OOBE!! :grin: Don’t know whether to count that or not though… :uh:

Anyway, 20.5 for August so far.

1.5 this morning … ooo and hoorah the forums are back … 10 this month :smile:

1.5 more get me to 14.

One more makes 3 LDs in August for me ^^

I had another, that takes me to 3 for August.

Click here to read!

in the few days since the forum move… 2.5 DILDS and .5 WILDS, bringing me up to 11!

two more makes four

another 1.5 this morning, totalling 11.5 for this month

o_o;; well… 1 for me in august.

2 for me…

Just remembered another LD fragment from last night, making 11.5.

How do I suddenly remember an LD 15 hours after I had it?
I shall try my technique again tonight and make a topic if I keep having success!