Competition Rankings for February

1 :grin:

I got one, think it only counts for 0.5, though

I’ll start with one.

I got 2, though one would count more like 0.5 :happy:

Wow, you guys are gonna hate this… I had 8 so far, but two were only like 'lucid moments", so i don’t think they would count fully…

Nice archdreamer :cool_laugh: And I see you love pie, I usually give a lucid pie to the winner of the month :wink:

Yes! What an amazing coincidence! I just have to win now… :mrgreen:. Of course some healthy competition is always good.

I just had two short lucid dreams which together woulf make one decent one. So that makes a total of 2 for me.

I’ve got one. (1) One

1+1 = 2

I’ll post to DJ it when i get time.

One more, that makes two :cool:

1 for Feb, thank the Lord! Well, technically I had LD MOMENTS before, but I don’t want to count those…

This one was great. :mrgreen:

Another for me… I’m posting it in my DJ later tonight.

One more today, for a total of 3. I have a feeling this month will be a personal record for me. :cool_laugh:

3 so far :content:

1 LD for february now

2 more !! :grin:

i got 2, ive never had so many in a month.

Hey, nice personal best. I think that is what this topic is best for. Providing motivation for people to achieve like ujytre has.

I had one this morning! I’ll post in a day or two, when work isn’t this busy…It makes 3 in total.