Competition Rankings for February

:peek: wow the LD masters R3TRO and freecube are back! …

wow … I don’t think I’ve had so many LD’s in one day :eh: 9 last night :eh:

making 14 for this month :happy:

You’re beating me, freedom! Hahah, if you were really born in 88, we have the same fate at the same time - college. I was born in 88 too and I don’t know how I’m going to keep up LD a year from now.

lol im only beating you by luck :peek: … Oh I was born in '86, not too far off '88 :content: …but yup LD + college = less LD’s :sad:

Haven’t had enough LD-s recently also. Anyway, yesterday i had my 3rd LD in this month.

Had a quite short one this night and yesterday a very cool big one (will propably post this also in the Diary Forum)!

Together with the one I already had this makes 3!

2 long, 2 short. I don’t really want to count the short ones 'cause they were so uninteresting… Meh, I’ll give them a .5 rating.

3 for Feb. =]

another 3 this morning and a couple of short low level one’s that I won’t count :eh: … I think my brain is broken lol

totalling 17 for this month :happy:

Nice work.

I stayed up late with a friend last night, so I’m going to have to start all over with the WBTB + MILD combo I have been practicing faithfully the past 2 weeks.

Ha! I win again! :happy:

I went to bed, again, at 8 last night. I didn’t do WBTB, cause I had to get up early to go to the temple this morning, but guess what. I had FOUR lucid dreams. Yeah! They were ALL fairly long too.

This brings me to 9 for february. I’m doing WBTB and my custom MILD/WILD technique when I go BTB tonight/tomarrow morning.

Alright… Boo-yah!

:smile: Peace out

One more for me!

Two more tonight, a regular one and a WILD. That makes for 5 total.

Haha nice freedom!

Isnt it weird to have more than like 5 LDs in one night?

I still havent had one, ive had a cold, and ive always had trouble LDing when im sick, but im getting better :wink:

Woohoo, 2 more a few minutes ago, included one SP induced… :cool_laugh:

wow another in the morning today … and like … I haven’t had a LD in a weekday for such a long time :happy: … and it was a pretty awesome one too :content:

Totalling 18 for this month :smile:

One VERY short one for me.

I had about a 3 minute long one (real time) this morning. I spent a minute of it just trying to make sure I was dreaming!

One more for me, making a total of 6.

I had 3 this morning !! :smile:

2 more this morning :content: … making 20 for this month :happy: