Competition Rankings for July

2 LDs yesterday evening, during a nap… I’ll post them later…

1 for me! :grin:

Just the one so far :smile:.

One for Kava.

9 LD’s.

I am back, not at home but in internet caffe so i have 3 at least till now, bad recall but new technique I found it is dream count tech, each ld you got in one night you join with number in the month, so i know at least 3 i got in two days, but mazbe four who know, I am not sure if it was 3 in july or in night.

I had 2 LDs today morning, and 1 false LD in FA, what i don’t count.

2+2=4 in July :content:

2 for kava


1 for me! :smile:

I was thinking of not participating this month… but I can’t stay away :grin:

3 LDs so far.

2 more
equals 5

One more, making two.

And it was a long one. Unfortunatly, I then had a FA and forgot most of it :confused:.

Had a short one this morning. Will count it as 0.5 LDs…
But atleast I had one :cool_laugh: Seems like I’m getting back in the game, so be affraid, be VERY affraid :wink:

Yes we will :tongue:

I had two LDs this night, so it makes it three this month so far.

I had one relatively low level LD today morning. It kept turning into ND, so i needed to remind myself that i’m dreaming all the time. And also i needed to fight with not to wake up, so i could not do much in it.

5 LDs now.

Had a long LD this morning :cool_laugh: Atleast long for me… about 5 minutes or so…

Had another LD :content: had it 3 hours after falling asleep at night :eh:

one more!
This will probably be my best month since September last year, yay :happy:

Just back from holliday, I had 7 LD’s so far this month.