Competition Rankings for May

3 May 11th

49 total.

had a very long LD this morning :happy:

Another busy week… :cry: if this keeps up I wont have time to come here that much anymore. Neither will I get that many LDs by the looks of it, but my recall is quite good considering that I only sleep 6-7 hours/night :grin: :sad:

Jot me down for 4 :smile: MAybe a bit of friendly competition will increase my LDs :razz:

Another one for me! :smile: (Total=4)

Had a LD, not that long but very vivid and high lucidity :grin:

1/2 LD here :cool:

:happy: is that after I sent you the lucid energy?

If so, i want it back! :grin:

Another one for me, even though it was short and low of lucidity. Total: 5. Maybe I can beat last month?

4 may 12th
3 may 13th
4 may 14th
6 may 15th :smile: I slept in today

66 total

Had 2 today… :smile:

/me sends an energyball with LD energy over to DarkSider


:cry: now Dark SiNder will get lucid instead of me!

May 2005: 8 Ld’s so far…

Had 2 few days ago. That makes 5 in May.

I HAD 5!!!

…ok, ok, I lie :cry: .


And 2 more… Wow, this is already my personal best… :cool_laugh:

3 this morning :smile:
thx JaRoD :grin: you didn’t miss after all!